How to run your cars for a lot longer

How to run your cars for a lot longer

How to run your cars for a lot longer

If you want to make your car last longer, then buy a Honda.

How to run your cars for a lot longer

It’s not difficult is it? Now look after the cars and they’ll run for ages. How do we know?

Simples! It’s because Honda has been rated the UK’s most reliable manufacturer by What Car? and by a Warranty Direct reliability study for an amazing sixth year in a row.

The latest 2011 survey result yet again confirms Honda’s well-deserved reputation for building solid and dependable cars.

Now once you have a nice smart range of Hondas in place, make the cars do their work while you get on with yours and pick the right manager to look after the cars.

Run Your Cars is able to buy products and services for many thousands of vehicles and is thus able to negotiate discounts that aren’t available to others – certainly not to single organisations. It’s all a question of size.

The services the company provides at a heavy discount include RAC Breakdown cover, on-line fleet management systems, savings on tyres and other replacement parts and accident management.

The company can also offer big discounts on servicing at 6,000 garages throughout the UK. The average saving per vehicle per year is a whopping £300, compared to buying these services separately.

So put these two factors together; buy Hondas (according to the latest independent reliability reports) and outsource the servicing and overall fleet vehicle management to a tried and trusted provider that has a proven track record in providing this kind of service for hundreds of other organisations. Then you can concentrate on what you’re good at; running your own business. The Hondas, meanwhile, should keep on buzzing happily for years.

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