5 Tips on How to Pimp Your Ride Without Selling Your Kidney

5 Tips on How to Pimp Your Ride Without Selling Your Kidney

5 Tips on How to Pimp Your Ride Without Selling Your Kidney

When it comes to car styling, soul is just as important as financial investments. That’s why car customization doesn’t always have to be expensive. Wanna know how to pimp your ride without having to sell your organs for transplants? Below are five tips to help you get started.

1. Buy car accessories online

Shopping for auto parts on the Web, you can order stuff right from home and it will be delivered right at your door. No need to drive around the city looking for that one single part, thus, no extra gas charges. Besides, many online retailers offer discount coupons and free shipping, which will certainly save you a big buck. However, be sure do some research and make sure the company you’re ordering from is secure before typing your personal data and credit card information. Most companies include special badges on their websites that confirm that the merchant is certified by authoritative third-party organizations, such as AAIA, SEMA, buySAFE, Trust-E, BizRate, etc.

2. Start with the key areas

You don’t necessarily have to get a new paint job or full body kit to refresh your car’s look. Paying attention to some key areas of your car, you can significantly improve its appearance. To these key parts belong wheels, headlights, grille, and dashboard.

An effect caused by a set of custom rims is unbelievable. And you don’t need to fork out thousands of dollars for new wheels: for examples, new set of shoes from such established brand as Konig can cost you as low as $400.

New halo headlights can make a big difference as well. These may get quite pricey as well, but you can opt-in for brands that offer the best price/quality ratio, such as Spyder and Spec-D, just to name a few.

Make your ride’s front fascia shine by getting a new custom grille or grille insert. There are all kinds of materials and finishes to choose from, for any purse and purpose. For instance, a polished billet grill is like a value version of a chrome-plated grille.

While custom rims, new projector headlights and grille will drastically change your car’s look outside, a stylish dash kit can add spice to your interior. Custom dash kit is a proven way to drastically improve the way a car looks and feels inside. The best part is that the prices on dashkits start at $30.

3. Details rule!

Another tactic you could use while pimping your ride is attention to details. Such aftermarket accessories as chrome mirrors, a car bra, or under-car glow lights are not expensive, but these little details do make difference to your car’s overall style and make it stand our from the boring factory mold.

4. Get inspired by studying the best practices

Car customization is not about outfitting your vehicle with the most expensive chrome wheels or the largest spoiler you could find on the market. It’s about finding the highlights that would fit your car and make it carry your identity. Before taking up a makeover project, spend some time on automotive forums and search for some examples of custom builds ever done for your vehicle year, make and model. It’s also important to define your budget and skill at the very beginning – this way you’ll be able to make the most out of what you got.

5. Install car parts at home

Most aftermarket car parts available on the market today are manufactured for relatively easy installation that can be done at home. Besides, many online shops provide customers with installations materials, such as schemes and videos. Basically, if you know how to hold a screwdriver and can spare a few minutes to check an DIY guide on YouTube, you don’t have to pay dealers for the thirty-min job.

Following this five simple tips, you’ll be able to style up your car without big expenses. Remember that your identity, taste and personal touch are the main accessories that make your wheels truly custom.

This is a guest blog by Justin Gazzara, a car nut and a proud sales specialist at CARiD.com. Feel free to reach Justin on Twitter.

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