5 Jobs That Allow You to Travel

5 Jobs That Allow You to Travel

5 Jobs That Allow You to Travel

5 Jobs That Allow You to Travel

Mobile Mechanic

If you are a mechanic, then it is easy for you to take your work on the road. There are always people in need of a car service in Melbourne who can’t actually get their car in to be serived. A mechanic who does house calls is a favourite mechanic for many people. There are also a lot of opportunities to do a traveling car service in Sydney if you work for companies such as NRMA doing road assistance. Imagine the hero’s welcome you will receive by someone standing on the side of a road beside a car with steam coming out from under the hood. Think about how quickly you can get them on their way again instead of towing them into a shop and fixing it there.


It’s just you and the open road when you are a truck driver. If you enjoy passing through new scenery and spending time on your own in peace and quiet, then this is a good job for you. You never have the same view during your workday like someone in an office has, and every day is different. Any time you want a big change, you could do some work in an entirely different part of the country. Nothing is stagnant about this job!

Interstate Removalist

Helping people move house across states is always bound to be fun and interesting. This job is multi-faceted; you get to interact with new people all the time, do a little heavy lifting, drive to places you may not have ever been to before, and you get the quiet time to just sit back and relax while you are driving. This is a really great job for diversity, but you never have the long days of pure driving like you have as a truckie.


An athlete who is competing in many different events will never be bored with their job. Whether you are competing in different locations in Australia or overseas in strange and new countries, you will always get a chance to experience a new place or a new culture. Often you will get a chance to meet people from all walks of life as you compete along-side them. Life is never boring when you are on the move!


The whole point of the job of the musician is to make great music and to have it heard by lots of different people. Going on tour is a great way to please the fans that you have all over the world already, as well as to drum up new ones. While you’re on the road you will meet people, see great things and have new experiences that you would never have if you were stuck in an office.

You don’t need to have a mundane job to make a living, try out one of these professions and put some spice back into your life!

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