<title> Nissan with new super Juke</title>

Nissan with new super Juke

Nissan with new super Juke.

Nissan with new super Juke

The universal thought of each and every car “junky” is to take the power house form a performance street racer machine and place it in to something radically different. So the guys’ form Nissan were busy making an amazing swap between the production lines, and the result is awesome. The crazy gear heads form Japan is making a Super Juke that will use the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter liter mill swiped from a Nissan GT-R.

All the details are hidden now, and the image you see is only the first official sketch from what are they doing. We are all exited, and cant waiting for funder details an waiting to see the new Forza dream machine come to life.

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