Jeep Launches Call of Duty Wrangler 2012

Jeep Launches Call of Duty Wrangler 2012

Video-game geeks rejoice: there is now a way to take your in-game expertise into the real world (and we don’t mean Grand Theft Auto style).  You’ve no doubt seen the Eddie Bauer edition of the Ford Explorer and the Harley Davidson inspired Ford F-150 (just to name a couple of marketing crossovers).  Finally the automotive world has managed a match-up that speaks to the computer generation; for the second year in a row, Jeep has announced that they will sell a special edition Wrangler linked to Activision’s Call of Duty franchise.  Although this won’t necessarily give you free reign to screech down the streets of your hometown throwing frag grenades and launching RPGs, the car will make you feel like you could.

The 2011 Wrangler model was based on Call of Duty: Black Ops, and the vehicle was featured in the game as well as making a limited appearance at real-world dealerships.  It featured a blacked-out exterior (an homage to the name of the game, no doubt) as well as several Mopar add-ons and some Black Ops logos here and there (roof, front quarter panels).  Of course, it also introduced new upgrades for the model year, including a redesigned interior (upgrades to the instrument panel, ergonomics, and storage) and larger windows for better visibility.  And all for only about $2,000 over the average starting price.

And while this year’s Wrangler model hasn’t seen a huge overhaul, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 edition, based on the new game, features a few changes since the last iteration.  The vehicle has seen one major upgrade under the hood with a new Pentastar V6 engine that pumps out 285 hp (not to mention the addition of a specially designed “power dome” hood to go with it).  But for those who are interested in the MW3 model, there is a lot more to love.

Mopar, whose products featured prominently in last year’s model, get top billing again, providing rugged front and rear bumpers, rock rails, taillamp guards, and a fuel-filler door, all in satin black (they’re also the source of the new hood).  As with last year, the limited edition model will be available in both 2- and 4-door models, but the new version will come with an option for a silver paint scheme (although black is still available).  The tire package is pretty special, also, with 17-inch cast aluminum wheels in semi-gloss black and 32-inch Mud-Terrain tires from BFGoodrich that will easily take you off road.  And unlike average Jeep transfer cases, this model comes with a two-speed, as well as an optional winch kit to get you out of sticky situations.  Plus, the standard sunroof (hardtop available) will offer plenty of visibility so you can see your enemies coming.

Of course, the interior features also cater to the tech set, with steering wheel controls, hands-free phone, USB interface, and a Bluetooth Media Center.  But the real icing on the cake can be found in the many CoD logos placed throughout the vehicle, not only on the outside, but also on the floor mats, seat backs, and head rests, as well as the dashboard and gauge cluster.  Just in case you forgot where you were, you’ll see constant reminders that you’re prepared for modern warfare in this car.

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