<title> How to change a tyre yourself</title>

How to change a tyre yourself

Changing a tyre can seem daunting when you suddenly need to do it and you’ve never done it before but is actually fairly easy if you have the right tools. The first thing you need to do is to find somewhere safe and stable to change the tyre. It needs to be level so avoid hills or soft grass or ground. You should also work away from the road where possible and have your hazard lights on if you are anywhere near a road. You also have to make sure your gears are in reverse or first and that your handbrake is on so the car won’t roll, you can also place something heavy in front of the tyres.
Once you have the spare and a jack you need to put the jack under the car near to the tyre you are planning on changing you need to place it where it will meet the metal of the frame. Be careful with cars that have moulded plastic as getting the wrong place will crack the plastic when you start to jack it up. If you are unsure just get the manual out and it should show the best place to place the jack.
Now you want to raise and crank the jack so it is supporting the car but not fully lifting it yet, and make sure it is not lifting it at an angle.
Take the hub cap off and then loosen the nuts a bit. You will want to turn them anticlockwise for this. Don’t take them fully off. Making sure there is some contact between the wheel and the ground will help give you some purchase to loosen the nuts.
Take a wrench and set the lug nuts free. You may need to stamp on the wrench to break the grip or just apply a lot of force. Make sure you are using the right grip size and turning the right direction and this should help a lot. Cross wrenches are the best for this.
Lift the car up further so there is enough room to get the tyre off and fit the new one on. Make sure everything is stable and adjust for this if you notice it isn’t.
Now you are going to take the nuts off completely and the same with the lug nuts until they are all removed. Take the tyre and put it under the car just in case the jack breaks or fails it should provide some cushioning.
Take your spare tyre and put it on to the hub and align it correctly with the wheel bolts and put the lug nuts back on. Tighten them as much as you can. Now lower the car so it is touching the ground and tighten them again. Fully lower it and tighten again and then remove the jack then put the hub cap on.
You can usually take your old tyre to a garage or use something like a black circles promotional code to get them to fix it. Usually it is very cheap to fix any problems with the old tyre, if it can’t be fixed cheaply they will usually sell you a new tyre.
As long as you keep the wrench, jack and a spare in your car it should be easy to replace if the time ever comes that you need to do it yourself.
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