Drive for Innovation for Future Technology

Drive for Innovation for Future Technology

Internet is a great platform for spreading information and knowing more about the future technologies that are going to invade the market. However, there are many other ways where you can find better information. Cars have always fascinated people over so many years and therefore automobile sector has always made progress. However, there is a lot happening in this sector as consumers are now becoming conscious about their cars and they want efficient and eco-friendly cars that can help them reach from one place to another in less time with less pollution factor. UBM and Avnet Express launches Drive for Innovation initiative which provides more information on this.

Drive for Innovation

The Drive for Innovation with UBM and Avnet Express is really becoming popular all over the United States as it can provide better information to the people about the latest electric technology and automobile systems that will come to future cars. This is one of its kind events that will make people think about how they should buy their future cars and what kind of technology fits their requirements and budget. This will be a cross country event that will be done on Chevrolet Volt and will help people come together for various activities.

This cross country event will also have various experts and innovators along with it and therefore there will be discussions and feedbacks happening between consumers and engineers. EE Times Editorial Director Brian Fuller will be present at the event all the time to take interviews of some of the leading innovators, engineers, experts and even scientists to know what they have to say or comment. There will be lot of interactive content available for the people and they can even go ahead and play some games and win prizes as well. Overall, the Drive for Innovation is a unique event that you should not miss out.

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