Big Cars or Small Cars: which are the best?

Big Cars or Small Cars: which are the best?

The relative popularity of small and large cars is a function of fashion, the state of the economy, current fuel prizes and concerns for the environment or, if you prefer, green issues.

A perfect example of this is illustrated by large 4x4s or sport utility vehicle (SUVs). At one time these cars enjoyed a huge popularly particularly for large families and by mums involved in the daily school run.

Then the popular press turned against them. They were branded gas-guzzlers and their drivers were assumed to be selfish and greedy folk with no concerns for the environment. Branded as pariahs, owners of these vehicles were the subject of ridicule and, in some circumstances, so great were the flames of hostility fanned by the red-tops that the cars were vandalised.

Fortunately that level of hysteria has faded into the history books, but it is good example of how tastes in cars are influenced by irrational factors.

Although it is no longer considered to be totally anti-social to drive a SUV, the current fashion tends to favour smaller cars. They tend to be easier to drive, they are certainly easier to park, modern ones look great, they tend to be economical, and many of them have good performance and great handling too. Just because the car is small doesn’t necessarily mean that it is cramped for space. Many modern small cars are very ergonomic and it can be quite surprising how much useful internal space they have available.

Naturally, larger families require larger cars, even though smaller families can get by with small cars eventually there is a limit. Even small babies need a large amount of luggage. When one thinks of a large car, one immediately thinks of poor fuel economy, but nowadays that is not necessarily the case.

Many modern large cars are very economical; some even more so than many older small cars. Modern automotive engineering has resulted in such fuel saving technologies as stop-go (where the engine cuts out when the car stops and fires up again when the accelerator is depressed). And of course we now have a raft of hybrid cars that can travel through town without consuming any petrol or diesel at all.

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