7 Most Frightening Mistakes Car Owners Are Making

7 Most Frightening Mistakes Car Owners Are Making

Many car owners are making big mistakes to their car and causing their car to ‘age’ very quickly. Although these mistakes might sound normal, they are quite damaging to your car’s interior and exterior. If you have been making these mistakes, your car will lose its shine and look old after 1 or 2 years later.

Mistake 1: Dishwashing Liquid

I realized that many car owners are using dishwashing liquid to wash their car. Although it sounds innocent, this is a frightening mistake because dishwashing liquids are harsh chemicals to the car surface. Every time you use it to wash your car, you are actually removing a very thin layer of clearcoat or car paint.

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Instead of spending some money to buy car wash shampoo, many people prefer to grab car wash tools from the kitchen such as dishwashing liquid and cloth. Although the car will look clean after washing, your car will look older quickly. Dishwashing liquid is also capable of removing car wax. This means that you are wasting money and damaging your car at the same time. If you are looking forward to clean your car effectively without damaging your car, get a car wash shampoo which only costs less than 10 bucks.

Mistake 2: Cloth

This is another common mistake made by car owners. Many car owners do not bother about what they use to wash their car. They go straight to the most convenient equipment that they have washed your car- an old piece of cloth. One of my friend who owns a luxury car used to tell me that only people who are very particular will care about using different cloth for car wash. Most cloths nowadays contain plastic materials such as nylon which are able to damage to car surface. Although the damages are minor, you will see swirl marks which are fine scratches after a year. These marks are very obvious under the sun especially on dark-colored cars such as red and black.

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Some people might use sponge to wash their car. Although it is less damaging compare to normal cloth, it does not clean the car effectively. Wash mitts are far better because they are very effective in trapping dirt and do not cause damage to the car surface.

Mistake 3: Drying

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Do you spend time to dry your car after the finish washing? Many car owners will leave their car to dry after they finish washing. Although it sounds like a natural think to do, leaving your car to dry naturally will cause water spots on your car. Water spots are actually minerals contained in the water. These minerals are very hard to remove and they will build up over time. If you do not dry your car with proper techniques, it will form ugly water spots on your car after some time. That’s why it is important to dry your car every time you finish washing.

Do not use of cloth to wipe away the water. Use a piece of microfiber cloth which is good in absorbing water, place it on the car surface and allow the cloth to absorb the water. If this method is too slow, use a paint safe water blade or squeegee. The microfiber cloth and water blade also costs around 10 bucks.

Mistake 4: Bird Poop and Road Tars

Other than giving you the gross feeling, bird poop and road tars are also corrosive to your car surface. If you leave them for some time, they will solidify and become very hard to be removed. If you try to remove them when their solidified, you will remove some of your car surface (clearcoat or car paint) as well. Many car owners will actually leave them aside and try to remove them when they start to accumulate.

I highly recommend you to remove them immediately. Normally, I will keep a bottle of water and a piece of cloth in my car. When these contaminants land on my car, I will remove them immediately. Other than that, I wash my car weekly to make sure that these contaminants will not solidify and cause more trouble later.

Mistake 5: Not Waxing

Many car owners do not wax your car. They think that waxing is an expensive and luxurious way of treating their car. While many people think that car wax is to make a car shiny and glossy, car wax is actually formulated to protect your car surface. Without car wax, your car is ‘naked’ and exposed to physical and environmental damages.

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While car waxing services could be expensive, doing it yourself is actually very affordable. You do not have to own expensive polishing machines to wax your car at home. All you need is a good car wax, foam applicator pad and microfiber cloth. Although they might cost around $20 in total, they could protect your car for one whole year. Wax your car every month because car wax will completely wears off after one month (some of them could last up to 3 months).

Mistake 6: Not Cleaning Interior

Many car owners do not clean their car interior leaving them dirty and exposed to UV. Other than giving good impression to the passengers, cleaning your interior will help your car to look new after many years. If you do not take care of your car interior, the color will start fade and your black dashboard might turn grey. Clean all your upholstery, vacuum dirt in your car and apply dressing which contain UV protectant on your car upholstery. Since car interior is not exposed compare to the exterior, you do not need to clean or dress your car interior too often.

Mistake 7: Automated Car Wash

Many car owners have decided to send their car to auto car wash centers because they are living a hectic and busy lifestyle. Although there are good ones, many auto car wash centers use harsh equipment to wash cars. Some of the equipment uses plastic which are able to remove some of your car paint or clearcoat. Other than that, auto car wash is not able to clean many parts of your car.

Although I’m quite busy and auto car wash is cheap, I still prefer to wash my car by hand every week. If you are too busy, you can get professional detailers to wash for you. Make sure that they use the right equipment and do a good job.

If you are able to avoid all these mistakes and use the right techniques to detail your car, you will be able to keep your car clean and shiny after 3 to 5 years. Enjoy detailing your car and giving people good impressions.

About The Author:

Alex Liu is a car detailing enthusiasts and the editor of the Auto Detailing House team who provides guides on auto detailing including how to repair car paint. He and his team also constantly publish car detailing articles on useful topics such as best car wax and auto detailing supplies.

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