3 Car Waxing Secrets That Give Your Car The Best Shine

3 Car Waxing Secrets That Give Your Car The Best Shine

Would you like to keep your car shiny and looks new all the time? How would you like to give your car the best shine below $100 per year? Although many car owners wax their car or send their car for professional waxing service, not many of them are able to make their car shine the right way. In fact, many of them ended up wasting money and making their car uglier.

After doing lots of research, learning from experts and experimenting different techniques, these are the 3 secrets that give a car the best shine. If you have learned these 3 secrets and use it, your car will look shinier than before.

Secret 1: Car Wax

Many people think that they need to buy an expensive car wax to make a car shine. People who think this way ended up spending lots of money on getting low quality wax that could only last few weeks. Some of the best car wax that I have been using costs much lower. To make a car shiny, you need to use the Right Wax. They are many different car waxes in the market including paste wax, liquid wax, spray on wax, carnauba wax, sealant and much more. So, which one is the best?

When it comes to car wax, I normally choose the one that could last longer and able to protect my car from damaging contaminants. Although the glossy look is very important to my car, the main purpose of a car wax is to protect the car. Other than saving all the trouble to wax my car frequently, a durable car wax is able protect my car paint from most of the damaging contaminants.

If the car wax wears off very quickly, I need to wax my car very frequently to maintain the protection layer. If I don’t create a new protection layer soon, the car surface will be exposed to the bird poop, tree saps, road tars, industrial pollution and other contaminants. If you are lazy person like me, I highly recommend sealant. Sealant is a kind of synthetic wax which could last more than 3 months and gives car a very glossy look.

If you have a dark color car, I recommend you to apply another layer of carnauba wax after you have a layer of sealant. Paint damages such as swirl marks and scratches are very obvious on red and dark colored car. If you use sealant alone, these damages will look more obvious. A layer of carnauba wax could cover these imperfections and make your car surface look richer and deeper. However, carnauba wax normally wears off within a month. If you use it, you have to wax more frequent.

Secret 2: The Real Key To A Shiny Car

Contradict to what most people think, waxing is not the key to a shiny car. Car wax is able to enhance the original shine of a car but will not make it glow. This is just like laminating a piece of paper. Do you think that laminating an old and yellow piece of paper will make the paper turn white magically? This applies to waxing as well.

Car Waxing

The real key to a shiny car is not waxing but cleaning. Professional detailers always do a good job cleaning a car before they wax it. In fact, I spent more time in cleaning a car than waxing it. This is because good cleaning is able to remove all the contaminants that are covering the original shine. Once the clean surface is exposed, the car will look shiny without waxing.

Secret 3: More Layers

If you want about the shine on your car, do not just stop at one layer of car wax. Wax your car the second time once the first layer of car wax is cured. You can wax the third time to give a better protection and smoother surface.

So, how to wax a car?

Car Waxing

Waxing a car is not as hard as most people imagined. You do not need to own expensive equipment and products to wax your car. Using hand to wax a car is still my favorite technique because it is not harsh, it delivers similar results and cheap. Here are the exact steps that I have been using to wax my car and keep my car looks new and shiny at all times:

Step 1: Prepare The Tools And Products

Make sure you get all the tools and products that are required. They include sealant, foam applicator pad, microfiber cloth and carnauba wax if it’s necessary. If you can’t find them on local stores, try getting them from online shops because each of them is very important.

Step 1: Clean Your Car

Since this is the key to a shiny car, spend more time on cleaning your car. Other than washing, use clay bar and liquid cleaning wax to clean the entire car. Do not use dish washing liquid and table cloth to wash your car.

Step 3: Drying

This step is important because water spots will be created if no proper drying is done. Another reason is because some car wax does not work well with water. Make sure you dry your car under the shade.

Step 4: Application

Car Waxing

At this step, you will apply car wax on your car with a foam applicator pad. Get some car wax on your foam applicator pad, draw quick and tiny circles on your car surface. Do not apply car wax the way you wash your car. Focus on one area and move to the next after you have finished.

Step 5: Buffing

Depends on the manufacturer’s instruction, different car wax cure or dry at different speed. Once the car wax is cured or dry, you need to buff the residue off with your microfiber cloth. Just use little force to remove these residues for a smooth surface.

Car Waxing

If you plan to apply a few layers of wax, wait for a few hours (for normal wax) or 24 hours (for sealant) so that the first layer is cured. With a few layers of car wax, your car will look shinier and have a better protection.

About The Author:

Alex Liu is a car detailing enthusiasts and the editor of the Auto Detailing House team who provides guides on auto detailing including car paint repair. He and his team also constantly publish car detailing articles on useful topics such as best car wax and car detailing supplies.

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