<title> Weak Dollar Boosts US export</title>

Weak Dollar Boosts US export

Weak Dollar Boosts in Local Production.

Weak Dollar Boosts in Local Production

The trend of lowering the price of the US Dollar compared to the other currencies, like the Euro and the Yen, heat the lowest price recorded in the last 30 years. This will make all the goods that are imported in to the country more expensive, including automobiles. On the other hand the US exports where made cheaper compared with other countries and that makes the US product more competitive in the rest of the world.

Weak Dollar Boosts in Local Production

This is the best news that US car manufactures can heard says Edmunds.com and the analyst Michelle Krebs: “The weak dollar is good for manufacturers in the US, whether they’re the Big Three of German or whatever, because they can export at an advantage”.

Weak Dollar Boosts in Local Production

This means that more and more factories will start producing more cars due to the lower costs of making a product in the US compere to the world.

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