<title> Volkswagen ranks no.1 in R&D, invests the most in the future</title>

Volkswagen ranks no.1 in R&D, invests the most in the future

The perfect combination of time, patience, grit and determination is that makes Volkswagen the best in many things. Namely Volkswagen managed to become the world’s largest and most profitable maker of cars. But all of this is like that so they can do one thing that requires lots of money. A awesome amount of money.

Autoline Detroit’s Seamus McElroy spend some time investigating all the leading companies in the world and he was interested in one thing only, the department of research and development, and the money that goes in this departments. And it turns out that Volkswagen is on third place on the large scale and it manages to spend more money than the two companies ahead, Toyota and General Motors.
We can also note that BMW and Honda spend the largest presents from their total revenue: approximately 5.5% in R&D and VW is behind just by 0.1%. The biggest shock is at Toyota which spends only 3.8% on research and development.

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