Outrageous: Top 5 Most Expensive Cars to Insure

Outrageous: Top 5 Most Expensive Cars to Insure

Car insurance is one of those expenses we all have to pay — we complain when our yearly payment is in the hundreds of dollars and goes up twenty or thirty dollars. But what would you do if your annual car insurance policy started out in the thousands? Even a small percent jump in such an insurance rate will be quite noticeable. In the US, insurance rates have been increasing around 10-12% a year, adding about $9 to the monthly payment of the average driver. In Europe and the UK, insurances rates have been rising by as much as 40% each year.

Automobile insurance companies look at three aspects of your car when determining what the proper rate should be for car insurance:

– Source of car
– Safety technology
– Design for repairs

If the car is imported, then the parts for that car must also be imported — maintenance and repair will be more costly. The result is that insurance rates will be higher on imported cars.

If a model of car has advanced safety features included as part of a standard package, that means less chance of accidents, lower payouts by the insurance company, and lower insurance rates. If a car lacks those safety features, then insurance rates will be higher.

The greater the ease with which it is possible to remove and replace parts, the lower the labor costs will be for repairs. Lower costs per repair mean lower insurance rates. If a car is difficult to take apart, insurance rates will be higher.

All of these factors combine when you insure cars which fail all the criteria for low insurance rates. Following in order from lowest to highest are those cars currently in production that have the highest car insurance rates estimated for the 2011 base year.

Porsche Panamera Turbo

Porsche Panamera- urbo S 2011

At the #5 spot is Porsche’s attempt to produce in its German manufacturing facilities a passenger-friendly four-door sports car. With a top speed of 188 MPH and an acceleration of 0-60 MPH in four seconds, this car seems more sporty than passenger-friendly — also, it costs about $124,000. The 7-speed 4.8 litre V8 engine may be the reason, especially when you add in the Turbo boost. If you want to save a bit on the insurance premium, then you can buy the non-Turbo version and pay about $200 less for insurance.

– Yearly Car Insurance: $2815

Dodge Viper SRT-10 (coupe model)

Dodge Viper SRT 10

In the #4 spot is the only American car on the list. This model of the Dodge Viper with a V10 engine was introduced in 2008 — horsepower is around 600 and top speed is estimated to be over 200 MPH. Though not imported, the use of a ultra-light chassis does put the Viper low in the safety technology category. You can buy one of these high-performance cars for only $84,000.

– Yearly Car Insurance: $2851

Mercedes Benz S65 AMG

Mercedes Benz S65 AMG 2011

In the #3 spot is this model with a V12 engine in the S line of Mercedes Benz high-performance cars. Speed limiters that Mercedes Benz has put on most of their line keeps the maximum speed to 155 MPH. So, the CL65, another high-performance car from Mercedes Benz, despite having a larger engine, doesn’t go any faster than the S65. However, the S65 is considered a salon car rather than a sports car and is the fastest of that type, which is one of the reasons for high insurance rates. The S65 can be called a salon car that handles like a sports car, yet another reason the insurance cost would be so high.

– Yearly Car Insurance: $2863

Porsche 911 Carrera GT2 Coupe

Porsche 911 Carrera GT2 Coupe

In the #2 spot is a Porsche classic. Porsche first introduced the 911 sports car model in 1963 and has continually refined and re-designed the car ever since. The Carrera GT2 Coupe version of the 911, introduced in 2004, has a six-speed 530 horsepower engine, creating the possibility of hitting an estimated top speed of 204 MPH. Porsche ceased production of the Carrera GT2 Coupe in 2008, citing American airbag regulations as the reason — only 1,270 were ever made, with about half of those sold in the United States at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $440,000.

– Yearly Car Insurance: $2944

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

In the top spot for the most expensive car insurance rates is this car designed to be the fastest thing of its type in the world. Though the standard model, if any of this line could be called standard, claims a top speed of 252 MPH, special versions of this car running on custom tracks designed for reaching the highest speeds have gone as fast as 267 MPH.

The car itself, with a sixteen-cylinder engine, four turbo-chargers, ten radiators, and innovative carbon fibre silicon-carbide composite brake discs that can stop the Veyron running at full speed in ten seconds, costs close to a million and half dollars; a set of tires alone cost $25,000. Named for Pierre Veyron, the winner of the French 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1939, the three hundred instances manufactured of this Bugatti speedster will not be covered by any auto insurance firm in the world. Alternate methods using other types of insurance have been worked out, though. and experts have developed a hypothetical estimate for what that car’s auto insurance would be.

– Yearly Car Insurance: $5000+

Don’t Get Stuck with a High Bill

Who would have thought figuring car insurance quotes would be so fascinating? It’s a glimpse at what it’s like to own one of those high-speed luxury automobiles, yet still have to contend with one of those facts of life, car insurance, which all car owners must deal with. Even the rich must pay, just as the rest of us do. Save your time and money by comparing car insurance quotes online.

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  1. haha wow thats ridiculous for a bugatti, but then i guess if you can afford a car that price it doesnt really matter. suprised the panameras up there tho.

  2. Fantastic article!!! And these cars are really amazing. Thanks for sharing the information.