<title> Opel Combo clever solutions in the compact van segment</title>

Opel Combo clever solutions in the compact van segment

Opel now offers two wheelbases and roof heights to choose from. Wheelbases of  3,755mm or 3,105mm that makes the van length 4.39 and 4.74 meters long respectively,  and also the two roof height of 1.85m and 2.10m. Also you can choose from the versatile car-van with five or seven seats and paneled or glazed body.

Another van variance can be made with ordering one or two sliding doors for easy access to the cargo area. The van version for transportation of passengers comes with two sliding doors and top-hinged tailgate. Also available is asymmetrical double wing door. For that extra-long cargo like ladder for example additional rear roof hatch can be installed!

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