Is my vision good enough to drive?

Is my vision good enough to drive?

There is a good chance you are reading this blog post and are currently driving your car illegally. Around 20% of the population are currently below the legal visual requirements for driving and are therefore breaking the law. If breaking the law in itself is not enough of a reason to worry you, then you may also want to know that should you be involved in a car accident and were found to be below the driving standards your insurance could be void, regardless of whose fault the crash was! This could potentially mean paying out for an accident that wasn’t you fault just because your vision is not at the required standard!

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This advice is also relevant to people who currently wear spectacles/contact lenses for driving as your prescription may be under powered and therefore also below the legal driving standards. Generally speaking our vision changes so slowly it can be difficult to know if it is getting worse or not and it is for this reason that getting regular eye examinations is absolutely essential. This is still the case if you think you have perfect vision as it may not be as good as you think it is! The following lists the key reasons to get your eyes tested in relation to driving:

  • Check you meet the legal requirements: Your optometrists can recreate the visual driving test within their test room so they can tell you whether you reach the standards or not.
  • Assess your central vision: Even if your vision is good enough to drive it still may not be perfect. If you have a small visual prescription you may find that your vision is not great at night, causing you to have glare around head lights etc. ..  Spectacles can help to correct these night vision problems meaning you will be safer driving at night.
  • Assess your peripheral vision: Your optometrist will also assess your peripheral (side vision) which is extremely important when driving. The optometrist will use a visual field machine which will look for blind spots in your vision which you may not have been aware of.

I hope this article will inspire you to have an eye test regardless of whether you feel your vision is at the required standards or not. Having vision which is below the driving standards is dangerous not only to you but also to your passengers (which could be your children) and other road users. Your optometrist is also skilled at detecting early signs of any eye diseases which you may have which you are unlikely to have been aware of.

This article was written by Tim Harwood who has worked as an Optometrist since 2002. Along the way he had discovered many people driving illegally who had no idea they were doing so! Tim also writes for his website which specialises in price related health topics such as Botox prices and dermal fillers cost. Hope you enjoyed the article!

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  1. I have an astigmatism in my right eye which normally makes thing really blurry and gives me headaches – but I started wearing a pair of the Blue Blockers glasses when I am driving, and it is truly unbelievable how much better they make my vision in that eye. I strongly suggest anyone with that problem give it a shot, you can find these kind of glasses anywhere…

    As a matter of fact, the glasses help me so much that I wear them in the office….
    Hope this helps someone