Honda Civic 2012 at IAA

Honda Civic 2012 at IAA

Honda has lately been focusing on bringing out better fuel efficient cars for the consumers and therefore they are working on better engines and better aerodynamics that can help the consumers to get better efficiency and at the same time the car can help to sustain the environment. Honda Civic is definitely one of the top and popular models that have been sold worldwide and now consumers and car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the 2012 model of Honda Civic. The new Honda Civic will be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.


To keep up the curiosity of the consumers and car experts, Honda has been coming up with short films on the new Honda Civic which would provide others the glimpse of what will be available in the new Honda Civic, but at the same time a lot of information is still kept hidden to generate more curiosity. The new Honda Civic is developed for the European markets and will be made in Swindon. The new Honda Civic will be an exclusive five door hatchback and will compete in the C segment. Honda has announced that the car will be available in European markets probably by next year.

As per Honda the car will have superior handling so that consumers can enjoy a sporty drive even though Honda Civic is not a sports car. The company also revealed that during the making of the car the entire testing has been done to make sure that the new Honda Civic is capable to handle all kinds of stress on European roads. The Honda Civic has torsion beam rear suspension system that ensures that consumers can have smooth ride even if they are driving on cobblestone roads which are common in many European cities. Honda designers and engineers have taken into consideration the earlier Civic problems and tried to rectify it for the consumers.

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  1. I m desperately waiting for the car 2 b launched in the market so that I can buy it for my family. This one definitely fits the family car option.

  2. Why are they so focused on European roads now? Will they launch this car only in Europe?