Corsa comes out on top in UK car survey

Corsa comes out on top in UK car survey

Opel Corsa:

Image courtesy of Jamie McCall

The Vauxhall Corsa has been named the most popular car of 2010 after analysis by car insurance comparison website moneysupermarket.

The Corsa came out ahead of both the Ford Fiesta and the Volkswagen Golf in terms of the number of car insurance quotes carried out by motorists in 2010, with the Renault Clio coming in as the fourth most quoted brand type.

Cars with smaller engines, like the Corsa, proved their popularity in the analysis, which revealed the average engine size of the top twenty most searched for cars to be 1.6 litres.

Moneysupermarket analyst Peter Harrison expressed little surprise at the apparent success of smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles in the current motoring climate.

He said: “We’ve seen rising fuel prices and escalating car insurance premiums over the past year, so it’s no surprise motorists are taking steps to combat these costs; age, engine size and make or model of car all have an impact on the cost of insurance premiums, and fuel consumption too.

Mr Harrison urged cash-conscious drivers of smaller cars to take advantage of the moneysaving opportunities available when it comes to renewing their car insurance.

Moneysupermarket provides drivers with an invaluable motor insurance resource, comparing the premiums offered by a wide range of insurers at the touch of a button.

The company is well placed to advise motorists regarding how best to lower their premiums, and the current advice from Mr Harrison and his colleagues includes tips such as reducing mileage, upping the payable excess on insurance and driving a car with a smaller engine, as well as being vigilant about renewal prices.

Mr Harrison said: “Although there is little motorists can do about the rising cost of fuel, they can take control of some of their motoring costs. Rather than accepting a renewal price on car insurance, shopping around for a better deal and using price comparison sites will save you money.

“The average saving consumers achieve switching car insurance through is a staggering £292. This shows whatever car you own, from the favoured Vauxhall Corsa to a Nissan Micra, it really does pay to shop around to find the best deal on your car insurance.”

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