Auto Transport for Luxury Cars

Auto Transport for Luxury Cars

Purchasing the car of your dreams is not something that comes into fruition overnight. It is a process of years, hours of work, poured into a masterpiece of metal, gleaming paint, and roaring engines. Your favorite may be a Bentley, Porsche, Corvette, or other less luxurious car that is still quite pricey, such as an Avalon, or some other car. Regardless of its make and model, it is your treasure. Now you have to relocate, and you need to have your prized car transported. You can’t entrust your luxury car to just any auto transport company. You have to do your research and ensure that the people transporting your car will take care of it the way you do.

The first thing you have to clarify when looking to procure auto transport for your luxury car is that you require enclosed auto transport. With conventional open auto transport, cars are loaded onto an open trailer, and are exposed to the elements just as if they were being driven. With enclosed auto transport, the car is transported on an enclosed trailer. Make sure that by ‘enclosed’ your company does not mean just covering the car with a tarp.

There are some auto transport companies that specialize in transport for luxury cars. Seek them out; they may use trustworthy drivers who have minimum years of experience, to ensure that your car is carefully loaded onto and off the truck. They may also limit the amount of cars in each delivery to a minimum, to ensure that each vehicle gets the full attention it deserves. Your auto transporter must also carry a more expensive insurance policy that will cover the cost of a luxury car, should any damage be incurred during the trip. Make sure that you receive a copy of the company’s insurance papers before you book, and that you check it thoroughly. You don’t want to pick up the slack if they don’t have adequate insurance.

Do a search on the company and get feedback from previous users as to the responsibility of the company in question. Many companies request a down payment before auto transport. Make sure that it is a reasonable price, and that you have receipts of all transactions.

Before sending your car, take it for a car wash, and make note of any preexisting damage. You must also clear the inside of the car of any personal belongings. Your auto transporter’s insurance does not cover any belongings left inside the vehicle. In fact, you may even incur a fine for leaving personal possessions in the car.

Be aware that all of the extra precautions you will take with your auto transport choices will result in a higher cost, but it is worth it, when opposed to receiving a car that is not in the perfect condition you left it in.

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