<title> Audi R8 GT driven by Emanuele Pirro</title>

Audi R8 GT driven by Emanuele Pirro

Audi R8 GT

The famous Audi driver Emanuele Pirro has been with Audi for the last 17 years and it’s really safe to say that he knows how to go around the Quattro-equipped iron. Pirro had the chance and the pleasure to get all the latest pearls from Audi and put them to their pastes on the Quattro-equipped iron for the last 17 years. He also won three LeMans behind the wheel on an Audi.
In this four videos produced by the Audi social media team for the U.S., Pirro talks in details about the 2011 Audi R8 GT that is produced in limited numbers. He starts to talk about the 560-horsepower of the V10-motivated 3.6 second 0-60 time engine and he explains why everyone should have and R8 GT. In the mile long list are also the carbon fiber spoiler and front splitter, and that this cat is 180 pounds lighter than the regular car.

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