America’s Top Five Sports Cars

America’s Top Five Sports Cars

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American sports cars have always been impressive, but today’s top five are some of the toughest, fastest, and meanest rides on the road. Five of America’s top sports cars will be addressed in this article from least to most expensive. Of these cars, three are retro styled cars, and the other two are modern designs. Before buying any of these  cars, make sure you have proper car insurance to cover them! A great place to compare car insurance is at The five cars are the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Corvette, and Dodge Viper.

1. Ford Mustang-Incredible Price, Plenty of Power

The Ford Mustang, with its similarity to the original Mustang of the 60’s, is the most affordable of the top five American sports cars. The Mustang convertible is $5,000 more than its coupe counterpart. For those who wish to have more features and more power, is the Mustang Shelby GT500 has 550 horsepower, 19-inch wheels, a 500-watt sound system, satellite radio, dual exhaust, and HID headlamps for the price of $48,810. The Mustang Shelby convertible is $53,810.

Starting Price: $22,310
Standard Horsepower: 305
Standard Features: 17-inch wheels, power steering, and AM-FM-CD player
Available Features: Automatic Transmission, Spoiler, Backup Sensor

2. Chevrolet Camaro-A Mean Machine

The Chevrolet Camaro is a retro-styled powerhouse with plenty to prove. The least expensive Camaro is only $495 more expensive than the Mustang. The Camaro convertible is more than $7,000 higher priced than the Camaro. The supercharged Camaro 2SS has 426 horsepower, 6-speed manual transmission, 20-inch wheels, heated seats, rear parking assist, automatic headlights, USB ports, and a premium 9-speaker stereo. It costs $34,420.

Starting Price: $22,805
Standard Horsepower: 312
Standard Features: Remote Start, AM-FM-CD Radio, Satellite Radio, Power Mirrors
Available Features: Spoiler, Bluetooth Connectivity,

3. Dodge Challenger-Classic Looks, Modern Conveniences

The current Dodge Challenger is the exact replica of the original Challenger and starts at a price more than $2,000 higher than the Mustang and approximately $1,500 higher than the Camaro. A top-of- the-line Challenger 392 SRT8 starts at $42,780 and has 470 horsepower, 20-inch wheels, satellite radio, heated seats, and fog lights.

Starting Price: $24,895
Standard Horsepower: 305
Standard Features: 18-inch Wheels, Traction Control, 5-speed Automatic Transmission, AM-FM-CD Radio, Power Mirrors, Power Locks, and Air Conditioning
Available Features: Leather Seats, Hood Scoop, Spoiler

4. Chevrolet Corvette-Speed, Power, and Prestige

The Chevrolet Corvette at $49,045 comes in the price range of the top-of-the-line Mustang and Challenger. The Corvette is another American legend sports car, and the new Corvette has a pleasing appearance that is a definite winner. The Corvette ZR1 is the priciest and most powerful Corvette made. Starting at the whopping price of $110,300, this Corvette has such amazing features as a 638-horsepower engine, head-up display, run-flat tires, Xenon headlamps, remote trunk release and keyless starting, and a carbon-fiber roof. As with the Camaro and Mustang, the Corvette is available in a convertible starting at $54,045. The Corvette’s power and agility have made this car since its original model, a true American sports car.

Starting Price: $49,045
Standard Horsepower: 430
Standard Features: Traction Control, Climate Control, Remote Start, Leather Bucket Seats, Tire Pressure Monitoring, and an AM-FM-CD Radio.
Available Features: Spoiler, Active Suspension, Wheel Locks

5. Dodge Viper-Ready or Not, Vroom

The Dodge Viper, a vehicle that like the Mustang Shelby, Camaro 2SS, and Corvette ZR1, is a street-legal race car. The Viper is priced higher than any of the other American sports cars. The Viper SRT10 ACR Final Edition, their highest end version, is priced at over $110,000. The Dodge Viper has no shortage of power or torque, so much so that keeping this machine under the speed limit would be a challenge. Vipers are also made in a convertible version for those who want to feel the wind as they ride.

Starting Price: $90,255
Standard Horsepower: 600
Standard Features: Keyless Entry, HID Headlamps, Dual Exhaust, Fog Lamps, 18 and 19 inch Wheels
Available Features: Aluminum Wheels, Spoiler

Every one in this impressive lineup of cars is a street-legal race car with speed, power, and a multitude of options. However, the part of owning a sports car that few discuss is responsibility. These cars have the power to please or to kill. Improper driving, tailgating, excessive speeding, and illegal passing are still crimes even if the car costs over a hundred thousand dollars and can exceed 200 miles an hour with ease. As with any vehicle, it is up to you as the driver to obey the law and drive responsibly. Lives depend on your decisions. If you feel the need for speed, head to the nearest race track. With one of the cars as your ride, you would always be in competition for the lead.
Insurance costs are another important part of owning one of these machines. Depending on the driver’s track record, number of tickets, location of residence, and color of car, insurance costs can vary significantly. If you cannot get or afford car insurance for your vehicle, all hope is not lost. First, you should compare car insurance quotes online! If that still doesn’t work, you just cannot drive your car on the road. You can still operate the vehicle on private roads or tracks.

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