<title> Тerrible collision on a Russian highway</title>

Тerrible collision on a Russian highway

This is taken on the Krasavinsky bridge (over the Kama River) just before the end of it where a motorist and a passenger had an engine failure and they end up strained between the fast traffic. The driver decides to open the hood and make some reappears instead of pushing the vehicle at the side for safety.

If you look closer you can see a humane figure moving in the background behind the opened hood. And then if happens the inevitable. Another car slams in the rear of the vehicle with no brakes applied and smashes the unaware motorist that is looking under the hood.

By real luck the driver of the stalled car is not killed and you can see him slowly moving and standing up in the end. He stays on the ground because his leg is broken. The other passenger slowly raises and goes to see if the driver is ok.

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