The truth about car hire in Australia

The truth about car hire in Australia


There’s nothing quite like a holiday in Australia, driving around, visiting incredible places and seeing the sights. You can also save yourself a lot of time and money by hiring a car for your holidays, as well as traveling in comfort. Wherever you go in Australia, you can find good car hire very easily, particularly the big name brands, which provide excellent service and surprisingly cheap deals.

A quick comparison of available deals will soon find some easy –on-the-budget options and pin down your costs for you before you even leave home. These car rentals literally pay for themselves and they’re very convenient, locking in your transport from the moment you start your holiday. You can book your car rental online, and have it waiting at the airport to meet you when you arrive. How much simpler could it get?


Another thing which often surprises consumers is the quality of the vehicles. Australian motorists like real cars, not roller skates, and car rental companies make sure their customers get the best. You can get an excellent, current model car with everything you could possibly need, with no trouble at all. Whether you’re going outback or just driving around the big cities, whatever you want, they can get it for you.

You’ll also find that you can get the absolute latest in car technology with your hire car. If you want a reversing camera, reverse sensors, car phone kit or built in technology, it’s available. This is more than gadgetry; these are extremely useful safety and communications tools and they can prevent big problems on the road.

The “trick” to getting the best car rental deals

The only “trick” to getting excellent car hire deals in Australia is simple enough. Talk to the car hire people and tell them what you need. If you’ve got a family and are on a two month holiday in a particular area of Australia, it’ll take about 3 seconds for the car hire people to find a good vehicle. You’ll get a car that will get you around Kakadu, across the Nullabor, or through Sydney traffic without even getting a murmur out of the brakes.

The best approach to explaining your needs is to define them clearly. If you need a family car, good fuel economy and lots of elbow room, say so. If you want a classy urban car that drives like a dream and can tow a yacht, just ask.  Put a bit of thought into your car hire needs, and you’ll get everything you want.

(Note: In particular, think about size. Smaller cars may look cheaper, but if they’re too small, the driving experience can get a bit tense and irritating. Make sure you get a car that allows you some room for people, necessities and peace of mind when you’re buying anything you have to carry in the car.)

You really can get great car hire deals in Australia. Also remember the car hire people are there to help, and they can give you useful tips about getting around.

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  1. I rented a car when i went to Australia, it was fantastic as long as you have a comfortable and reasonably fast car. It is such a beautiful country and using a car lets you see all the hidden gems that you wouldn’t see just following the standard tourist trails