<title> The Isuzu Rodeo rounds up my vote</title>

The Isuzu Rodeo rounds up my vote

It’s hard to make a choice in a saturated market. The automotive market is no different as most manufacturers offer a model to fit into each category. This leaves buyers confused with a plethora of different makers, models and specs that are often confusing. The pickup truck market is no exception with many models offering a variety of cab and engine sizes.

Isuzu Rodeo
2012 Isuzu Rodeo

Having driven the range of pick up trucks available, the Isuzu Rodeo stood out for its generous loadbay and standard equipment. There is plenty of space for anyone who requires a vehicle of this nature and interior space is also good if you opt for the double cab option which can be found on 5 of the 6 models available. The interior provides ample space for a family or set of friends and the high seating position aids in visibility and control for the driver. The Isuzu Rodeo has light steering for when driving around town and functionality to switch between 2 and 4 wheel drive. The 4 wheel drive option offers a smooth ride, whereas the 2 wheel performance is firm and more responsive.

There is no hiding that you are in a truck when you start the engine and it creates harmony between the concept of a ‘lifestyle’ pickup truck and professional vehicle. The Isuzu Rodeo is a handsome brute, with looks only matched the popular Mitsubishi L200.

The ride is benefited by a smooth diesel engine that offers plenty of torque and low-down grunt, which is great for when driving around the country and carrying a heavy load. The 2.5-litre engine offers 134bhp, giving punchy performance and the range comes with an average fuel consumption of 34.9mpg which is very strong against its competitors. At high speeds there is adequate sound proofing and the engine refrains from being too vocal and here you can sometimes forget you are in such a large pickup truck.

The Isuzu Rodeo is offered at a very competitive price for the industry and should be considered seriously as a contender for the pickup truck you intend to lease next. Pickup truck leasing is a sensible way of getting your hands on the Rodeo for a low monthly cost and you can also trade it in at the end of the agreed period for something like a Mitsubishi L200 if that takes your fancy. If you intend to use the Isuzu Rodeo for business use, the tax band is appealing too as it falls just over the tax-critical weight threshold. This means you can claim back VAT and pay a low rate of tax similar to a family saloon.

Isuzu Rodeo
Image: www.motoweb.pl/

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