How To Save Money By Driving More Economically

How To Save Money By Driving More Economically

In these times of financial hardship, every penny counts. With economies all over the world in a slump combined with rising energy and living costs, now really is the time to be looking to save money. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to do this. Many of them are small changes but can add up to a very big saving over time. One of the best ways to save cash is through maximising efficiency of tasks you have to do already, like driving. Many of us have to drive to work, or need to drive during work, so it’s a good starting spot. Here are some tips to make your petrol go further:

– Minimise Weight
One of the main factors that affects miles per gallon figures is the amount of weight the car has to carry. This means you should lose as much as possible that you don’t need from your car. Even a toolbox only weighing 1 or 2kg can cost you hundreds of pounds in fuel per year.

– Minimise Drag
The more aerodynamic your car the more efficient it will be. Make sure to remove all roof boxes and roof racks, as well as keeping windows and sunroofs closed whenever possible. You can also aid this process by ensuring all exterior trim is as it should be and no parts re creating extra drag.

– Driving Style
A lot of petrol can be saved by changing your driving style. Although it makes it much less fun, try and rev the engine less, change gears early and keep under 65mph. The fewer revs the engine goes through the less petrol you will use. Anticipation is another big part that can be changed with regards to driving style. Try and anticipate the road ahead so you have to brake less, use gears and gravity to slow down instead and have an overall smooth driving style.

– Plan ahead
It’s not going to work all of the time, but try and avoid congested areas and rush hour times of day. While you’re sitting in traffic you’re using fuel and not going anywhere, increasing your overall consumption figures.

– Walk, Cycle or use Public Transport
By far the best way to save money on fuel is to leave the car at home altogether and walk, cycle or take the bus/train.

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