How Is London’s Lower Emission Zone Charges Effecting Van Drivers ?

How Is London’s Lower Emission Zone Charges Effecting Van Drivers ?

Driving into the heart of London can be a bit of a pickle due to the hoards of traffic, pedestrians and the vastly unpopular CCZ (congestion charge zone) which all vehicles have to pay when entering inner London. The congestion charge isn’t exactly bank breaking at a mere £10 however when if you venture a little closer to the city’s centre you may be stuck with the LEZ (low emission zone) charge; this is free for small vehicles but hugely expensive for lorries and vans.

Vauxhall Vivaro:
Vauxhall Vivaro

The aim of the emissions charge was to un-congest London city’s centre and keep pollution levels to a bare minimum. This strongly enforced policy has served its purpose incredibly well; the roads are mostly clear and the surrounding air looks far clearer and smells a lot fresher.

All is good and well with the positive environmental progress of London, but humble van drivers are troubled; the low emission zone charges are financially crippling them due to fatiguing fee’s there forced to pay every time they pass into the LEZ boundaries.

Before the 3rd January 2011 vans ten years or older were excused by the daily congestion charge due to the fair amount of road tax they’ve previous paid, but not for much longer as any vehicle weighing in access of 3.5 tonnes will be slapped with the same excessive charge.

What does this mean for van drivers?

Ultimately there’s no good news for van drivers:

1. Making the Journey in to the heart of London will cost in excess of £100.

2. Having to pay the fee could be financially crippling for many van drivers who operate in the London area.

Some good news

Vauxhall Motors have extended their scraping policy allowing van drivers to get a new Vauxhall van cheaply on the whim of the government who introduced the scrappage scheme in 2009.

The new policy will allow drivers of old vans to scrap their bangers in exchange for a greatly – discounted Vauxhall models.

What does this mean for van manufactures?

1. It’s not all positives on their side either; many van drivers can’t afford to upgrade due to the world-wide recession therefore the fantastic deals may go to waste.

2. Profit Margins are reduced because of the bargain prices which the vehicles are being sold at.

3.Sale increases should positively rise, however this needs to happen to make up for the lost margins.

London Mayors word..

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said, “I want to make the air cleaner and greener in this great city with the minimum of financial impact for those who need to upgrade their vehicles. I’ve already given extra breathing space during the depths of the recession before these standards are introduced and I am pleased that a number of manufacturers are now offering new discounts to aid us in our efforts.

Is a Vauxhall for you?

Certainly! Vauxhall produce reliable, Cost effective vans at unbeatable prices. Whatever you’re looking for in a van; be it spacious amounts of room or good value for money I’m sure one of the many Vauxhall Vans models will be just what you’re looking for!.

We’re all feeling the crunch…

Nobody is doing all too well at in this current day and age nor can anybody be held responsible for why the worlds in this current state; the world is a state of economic decline with little buying and spending and there’s little the government can do to help it.

Being in this tight position means even considering buying a new van seems like a long shot, but there are numerous alternatives which can be taken if you’re in need of a new van.

Van leasing is a smart and affordable alternative to buying a van;  van leases are comprised of short term contracts unlike buying a van on finance where you’re tied down by a monthly charge for many years and having to pay huge amounts of interest. Whenever your model gets old or breaks you just swap it in for a newer more recent model.

Article wrote by Keith Brown a London van driver who drives a Citroen relay

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