<title> Advantages Of Using Mobile Repair Services for Minor Crash Damage</title>

Advantages Of Using Mobile Repair Services for Minor Crash Damage

Advantages Of Using Mobile Repair Services for Minor Crash Damage

It can be very costly to send your car to the workshop for a small scratch or minor damage. On the other hand, unless you have the right equipment and know a bit about the tricks of fixing a small dent or scratch, you can easily make a mess of your otherwise smooth looking ride. Thankfully, there are a number of mobile car repairs and car service Sydney, Melbourne, and other Australian capital cities, that can take care of the damage, no matter where you are. Take a look at some of the reasons why you can benefit from using these types of services.

Minor Car Accident:
Minor Car Accident

  • Cost. The fact remains, most minor car damage is normally under $500. If you have no-excess insurance, you might not be worried, but using your insurance for such a small issue could mean you lose your no-claim bonus. If the cost of your damage is less than the long term cost of losing your no-claim bonus, or less than your excess, it is well worth paying for it yourself. Let’s face it, most of us are paying for quality car insurance for protection against major incidents.
  • Location. When you only have a small amount of damage, these mobile repair solutions can come to you. That will save you not only the time, but the money it takes to get around while your car is in a repair shop is also considerable. You will lose a lot of time and have a large amount of inconvenience when you take your car to a repair shop – and two full trips at that.
  • Time. We all know taking our car to the repair shop can take hours. Getting there, checking it in, getting around with a friend’s help, a taxi or other transport can easily eat up half of your day. A mobile solution means you can have your car fixed at your home or your place of work without disruption to your day.
  • Insurance. Your car insurance should cover you for small damage, whether it is your fault or not. If you have found out this is not the case after such an incident, it is time to get compare car insurance quotes, and get a new provider. Any repairs company can deal with your insurance company if they are accredited. The best will even help you with the paperwork.
  • Quality. Have you ever tried to repair a small amount of damage or a small scratch on your car? It is not an easy task at all. Without considerable experience at matching the colour, and blending in the body, you will find you have made that scratch into a rather large eyesore.

The next time you ding your car in the car park, or scratch the key across the door, know you are not stuck with that annoying damage. Look for mobile solutions in your city. Many of them will have a solution for minor damage. Save on your car insurance and get a professional solution without breaking your budget.

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