A Hot Pursuit is not just about speed

A Hot Pursuit is not just about speed

To serve and protect is not always about patrolling the street in second gear and stay off trouble. Sometimes, during the day, you get to see a police siren turning on and the police car switching from 2nd gear to 3rd and so on until it reaches its top speed. With these components on a moving police vehicle you get the elements of a hot pursuit. But that’s not all that. There are certain Vehicular Equipment & Parts, also some Power transmission components that have important role in the chase.

Hot Pursuit:
Police pursuit

In a police patrol car, that has to be at least two police officers; you will hardly see a single police officer in a patrolling car. A police car is not your normal car of the day; it has vehicular equipment and parts that are there to make the hot pursuit easier to achieve. Stuff like a Push-bumpers to make a strong contact with the fled vehicle, Weapon Mounts, Laptop Mounts, Prisoner transport, K-9 transport products, Spike Strips and etc. All this equipment has its special role in a hot pursuit, from a laptop on a Laptop mount used for license plates information to the Spike strips used to stop the speeding car by puncturing its tires.

Now it’s time to take care of the speed and what is under the hood. As mentioned before, police cars tend to be more about speed from other cars. Speed comes from all the Power Transmission Components; stuff like Gearbox Components (Gears, Housing), Rotorhead Assemblies, Engine Components (Turbine Engine Parts, Airfoils) and etc.
All these Power Transmission Components will roar up the car with speed sound that even the criminals watching from the sidewalk will think twice before they try to challenge the police car for an urban hot pursuit or highway pursuit.

Forget about what you have played on a PC or console game, there you’ll be able to slip from the hot pursuit, but in the real world, a police car tends to work 3 chess moves ahead of you. One little nudges on the back of the car from their push-bumpers and you’ll be dancing circles on the road like a ballerina. It seems that a police car with all the Vehicular Equipment and Parts, and Power Transmission Components is the most prepared vehicle in the urban jungle for almost all types of situations, excluding the fire brigade – they specialize in putting down fire situations. They both work for serve and protect principle.

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