What it takes to own electric or plug-in hybrid cars?

What it takes to own electric or plug-in hybrid cars?

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I am big fan of hybrid cars and electric cars and I was thinking of buying one. I start to read reviews and tests and everything looks great. But?

But? – What it takes to own and what we need if we are planing to become a proud owners of electric car, or plug-in hybrid car?
The answer is very simple. We need a power socket so we can charge our electric or plug-in hybrid car.
Me and my family… We are living in the apartment building and I park my car on the public parking lot in front of my apartment building. Sometimes my car is parked just a few meters from my balcony (second floor) and sometimes 30 meters from the same place. So I really do not have a perfect conditions to plug my future electric car or plug-in hybrid in the power outlet. I have a problem with this and probably this is a problem for a thousand an millions of people who like to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce pollution with buying a electric or plug-in hybrid cars.

The solution is to talk with your community or municipality leaders or administration to provide you and your neighbors with a parking lot only for electric or plug-ins. This parking lot needs to be no more than 300 meters far from your building. The other solution is to talk with your boss or the company owner where you work (You have a job right?) so he can push and install a power sockets in your company parking lot. This way you can charge your electric car or plug in hybrid home or at your job.

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I hope you can add some meaningful thoughts and comments to this issue, because I believe there are other solutions out there but none of them come to my mind until this moment…

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