The Need for Extended Car Warranties

The Need for Extended Car Warranties

Today, every person in the world needs a car. By all means everyone should have car in order to go by their business during the day. With a car purchase there is always a car warranty attached to it. You don’t have to wonder why the car has to have an extended car warranty and you don’t have to see the documents’ of the extended car warranty just as an addition to the whole set of car purchasing documents; but see them as your safety measure for good comfortable ride.

Extended Car Warranties


A new car that comes out of the lot is fresh from the production line, just as newly baked bread comes out of the oven. If a baker places, let say 10 loafs of raw bread in to the oven; not all of them will come out in the same shape. But all of them will have the same taste.

The cars on the other hand, come out of the assembly line more than just 10 in one day. They have the same original “taste” but there are a lot of details in their recipe. Not just the engine, the frame or the wheels; but windscreen, wipers, exhaust pipes, doors, handles, cooling system and etc. All these are part of the functioning abilities of the car. A car is designed to be safe and comfortable for driving. God forbid there is something wrong with a new car’s engine or tires; they are tested thoroughly before they go into sales. But there are small things that can affect the comfort of your driving. This is where the extended car warranty comes in to play.

A car warranty is your secured way of replacing something that is not adjusted the way it supposed to be, or to repair the car in case it brakes down the road. All that secured way is paved by the manufacturer itself. The extended the warranty is, the longer your car is in the safe hands of the repair services of the manufacturer. It’s like having a brand new car for a long time.

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  1. It’s amazing to me how many people are just automatically pre-programmed to say no to an extended warranty. Things are going to breakdown, it’s a given! I was in a local electronics store around Christmas time, the cashier was selling a customer a phone and phone plan. He offered her a “covers everything” warranty for $1.00. Without even thinking she said no. I’m thinking, WHAT? it’s one dollar lady! ONE DOLLAR! just give it some thought is all I’m saying. If you don’t want to spend money on a repair latter, it may be worth the extra money to get the warranty.