Vans with Ummmphh!

Vans with Ummmphh!

TV’s and magazines all rave about these middle class cars having immense power, performance and overall brilliance, but what we never hear about is vans with the same traits. For as long as I can remember all I ever hear about vans is “how spacious” they are and how many “miles they do to the gallon” you know all those practical things, but they always forget one vital practicality when advertising vans vans and that’s simply how fast the go!  Yes speed is a vital practicality in cans which is why it’s not uncommon nowadays for motor companies to design an evil, faster, sleeker and dam right viscous brother of the tame vans they always seem to produce.

Good old Mercedes really went to town on producing there sporty van named called the Vito sport. The Vito sport boasts a Mercedes-Benz OM6420E30LA, 6-cylinder turbo-charged and inter-cooled diesel with piezo injector engine that’s 204hp! This beasty van can do 0-60 in 8.3 seconds which isn’t bad considering it weighs 1929 Kgs! Not too bad for a van if you ask me.

However Mercedes couldn’t take the win that easily and Vauxhall of all people weren’t just weren’t going to let them have the win hands down, so they took it upon themselves to produce there sporty van number the Vivaro sportive!

This beautifully designed van (matter of opinion) has a fantastic specification for its modest price, it has a 4 cylinder 3 litre engine which kicks out a max 176hp which is pretty impressive for a vans engine if your ask me. This van can do 0- 60 in 8.1 seconds beating the Mercedes by 0.2 of a second! Not only is this van fast and good value for money it comes with a heap loads of gizmo’s that aren’t found on its more expansive counterpart.

So there you are some vans that can actually pack and punch and give any “reasonably priced car” a run for its money.

Article wrote by Stephen White an Auto blogger and delivery driver for crusader vans the cheap car leasing company.

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