The Best Vans For Business

The Best Vans For Business

For many (and in my view often unfairly) much maligned “white van men”, when you choose a van, there are a number of factors to consider.  Often it’s not the supposed “good all-rounder” that comes up trumps.  If price and spending a little as possible is what drives your van purchasing plan, there’s always the Axiam Mega. Classed as a microvan, it’s technically a quadricycle which means you don’t even need a full licence to drive one!    Priced at just over £6,000 and available in either a two-cylinder diesel or all electric model, you’ll get over 60 mpg but probably won’t do you business image or self esteem much good!

That’s the rub for a lot of owners and drivers of vans and pick up trucks.    The van they choose is not just the transport.  It’s also often the company branding and advertising (even if it’s not sign-written) and frequently is the office and workshop too. In the current harsh economic climate office-based firms can downsize without compromising their level of service too much.  When it’s not only your reputation but also your income that depends on the use of trucks or vans either to get to a worksite or make deliveries, there are very few options when it comes to cutting back overheads. That’s what makes it vital to chose the best van for your business not only in terms of economy (how cheap is it to  purchase, run, tax and insure) but how well it suits what you need to do and what sort of image it projects.

If image is paramount then the best van for looks would be any of the car-derived models.  They tend to look sharp, but in truth any modern van looks pretty good and no modern vehicle is an ugly, boxy brute any more.   The true style icon of the van world has to be the Peugeot Bipper. It’s a cheeky little number but the Ford Fiesta van is also an impressive piece of kit, with a smart cabin, decent space and it’s a hoot to drive.

Among the best van for insurance purposes are the Vauxhall Corsavan and Combo, which are insurance group 1E. The Peugeot Partner is the champ here tough.  It’s one size up, yet it’s still in the lowest insurance group and so is perfect for small traders.   If you need something a bit bigger, the Nissan Primastar, Vauxhall Vivaro or Renault Trafic are worth a look. They’re all in either group 4 or 4E, which for a panel van is pretty impressive.   It’s still the Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter that hold the top spots in the “most popular van” stakes though and they both deliver good performance with ample space and a professional appearance.

Not far behind though is the evergreen Transit, then the Citroen Berlingo and Relay.   Solidity, practicality and “presence” can deliverer good “brand reinforcement” too (i.e. make it look like you’re professional) and the Isuzu Rodeo certainly fits that bill.   If it’s emotion plus practicality that guides your choice, then look no further than the Volkswagen Transporter.  This van officially started in March 1950 and since then it has become one of the most iconic and popular vans in the world. It’s gone through five generations of development, initially capable of an air-cooled a top speed of about 60 mph.  The latest models will allow you to reach 119 mph.    They also look pretty damn good too and the value in “image “terms of the VW badge speaks volumes for your business!

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