Running and Wearing Glasses

Running and Wearing Glasses

Running is always going to be the number one aerobic exercises. It’s perfect for the blood flow, heart rate, muscle strength and you name it. City parks and river sides are full of people running around (with a tempo of course) having a perfect physical relaxation. If you look a bit carefully, you’ll notice that many of them wear prescription sunglasses, cheap glasses, glasses reglaze or even rimless glasses online. The purpose is simple, improving eyesight while enjoying a nice run.


With increased step pace, bouncing of the ground is always present, so wearing glasses while running can be tricky most of the times. They can easily bounce off your head and end up on the ground chattered in 20 pieces. To make matter worse, some people experience stepping on their own glasses when they fall of their hade while running.

Another issue that comes up when it comes to wearing prescription sunglasses, glasses reglaze, cheap classes, rimless glasses online is breath. That small amount of heated air we call breath, when it comes out it tends to steam the glasses a bit and there for lower your vision while running. Even if tat steam is little, it will push you nerves to the limit. Instead of enjoying the run, you are bound to take the glasses of your head and wipe them off our shirt … while running. No that is a bombshell on concentration.

To prevent the glasses form falling of you head, purchase a suitable chain for glasses. Some chains aren’t “chains” in the real sense of the word; they come as small elastic ropes capable of attaching on both ends to the glasses rims. These small ropes can easily be adjusted to “tie” the glasses on the head so they will never be in danger of falling down.

So no matter what your choice is  – glasses reglaze, prescription sunglasses, cheap glasses or rimless glasses online – the combination of running and wearing glasses always fits the equation; but pay attention to their safety.

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