Ridiculous Car Fuel Saving Devices – Myths Busted

Ridiculous Car Fuel Saving Devices – Myths Busted

With the rising cost of fuel prices and the need for constant car service, many drivers will try anything to improve the fuel consumption of their car. You will see many devices in stores that claim to save you money and give your car better performance. Most of them are pure gimmicks and use false science to describe why they work. Only good maintenance, driving and service, will improve the fuel consuption of your car. Here is a look at some of the items on the market and the claims made. Most of them do NOTHING for your car and many of them will actually cause more problems or even a reduction in car performance and economy.

Fuel Saving:
fuel saving

  • Octane Increasing Fluid? These small bottles of liquid claim to increase the octane level of the fuel in your tank. You should be very careful when using these, as they may cause damage to your engine. You will need to speak to a professional on this issue. There are many reasons why they are not good for your engine. Some products are better than others, and some are just wrong. Be careful with these products or you might need serious car repair.
  • Magnets? Devices that you attach to your fuel system that claim to alter the structure of the fuel as it passes through the lines are absolute rubbish. They are based on false science and have absolutely no effect. This is all sales talk and no reaction at all.
  • Instant Supercharge? Small items that ‘swirl’ air into your engine will claim to increase your engine power as much as 20%. Supercharging an engine is an expensive modification and requires extensive work. These devices do not work and have been shown to decrease the engine power because many of them restrict the intake airflow. Another gimmick and not worth spending the money.
  • Vaporising Carburettor? This infamous device claims to improve  your fuel efficiency by vaporising the fuel that enters your engine. This is pure urban legend. Only specialist direct fuel injection will have this effect on your engine. This device is a gimmick and consider it no more.
  • Fuel Atomizer? This device worked well when your car was cold. It was a little spacer that was placed under the carburettor that assisted with mixing the fuel before it entered your engine. As most cars are already fuel injected, there is no longer any use for this.
  • Hydrogen Gas Converter? The internet is loaded with claims from this product. It is a device that claims to convert water into hydrogen gas and improve the power and efficiency of your engine. These devices could barely power a hair dryer, let alone make any difference to your engine. Buying one of these is a costly mistake.

Fuel Saving Devices:
Fuel Saving Devices

Always seek the advice of a professional before you spend any money on any new gimmick or device. Sensible driving, and good maintenance and care of your car, are the only considerations to improve your fuel consumption. Converting to gas is always an option.

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