Mercedes Benz Concept A Class

Mercedes Benz Concept A Class

At Auto Shanghai, China’s premiere international automobile expo, Mercedes Benz this week unveiled a complete makeover of their A Class with a concept car that they’ve described as “the first heartbeat of a new generation”.  And indeed, the newly remodeled A Class is a departure from the boxy, compact, utilitarian design of yesteryear (which looks like nothing so much as a slant-nosed Smart car with a couple of extra doors).  The new version is sleek, sporty, and almost feline in appearance, an aesthetic that was inspired, according to chief of design Gorden Wagener, by “wind and waves”.  But the stylistic choices, both inside and out, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the redesign of this class of Mercedes.

Mercedes Benz Concept A Class:
Mercedes Benz Concept A Class

The two-door design is not only more attractive, but also provides for more leg room up front (although the back seat still looks a bit cramped and the hatchback provides for very little storage space in the rear).  And then there is the roof, made entirely of glass to offer a panoramic view of your surroundings (remember the scene in Jurassic Park with the goat? It’s sort of like that…only no dinosaurs).  This is likely thanks to the aviation-inspired interior, which is also apparent in the “free floating” wraparound dash and center console, which are dotted with instrument panels that will put you in mind of a jet engine.  And of course, the two-tone, neutral paneling would easily fit into an airplane setting.  Included in the center console is a feature that will speak to the modern driver (literally); it’s a smartphone handset that allows users to access their mobile unit hands-free through the voice-activated infotainment system (navigation, media, etc.).

But even better than the look of this gorgeous compact Mercedes are the features you can’t see.  In a bid to compete with other luxury-class urban vehicles like the BMW 1-Series and the Audi A1, the German auto manufacturer has upped the ante on what’s under the hood in their concept car of the future.  Although the tiny vehicle is only packing four cylinders under its elongated hood, the engine is turbocharged to the tune of 155 kW, courtesy of the M270 series they’ve been developing.  The sportier feel is mirrored in the transmission, providing car transport that is more comfortable than previous iterations, even as power is boosted.

And of course, techy extras that put safety first are practically a must for city drivers that face gridlock and potential fender benders on a daily basis.  But MB has taken this into account and dealt with the issue admirably, instituting a radar-based warning system that lets the driver know when the potential for an imminent collision is high, and proceeds to prime the brakes.  Studies by the auto-maker suggest that this could prevent somewhere in the neighborhood of 20% of accidents while lessening the severity of 25% on top of that.  In short, it could cut fatal collisions on the roadway in half (if only every driver had one).

Although this fabulous upgrade to the A Series won’t be available any time soon (actually, there’s no word yet on when it might go into production, much less end up at a dealership near you), it could just be the next hottest compact car to fill up half a parking spot in your neighborhood.

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  1. I have to say that the A Class concept looks really nice. I hope they will keep this awesome design when the car will go into mass production. I wonder if they will make an AMG version? Definitely that in this form the car looks much more better then the BMW 1 series.

  2. Sarah, this car looks so sexy!!! It’s avionic design, sheer metallic finishes, interiors & upholstery crisp finishing at every end… Simple magnetized me…I think once this machine is rolled out into the market, everyone would be crazy mad for this superb car!!! I feel this could be the “Car of the year, 2011”. The warning systems, navigational aids, & decent turbocharged of 155 kW can make this run miles ahead…

  3. Mercedes Benz(Merc) has been working every proficiently on the designs of cars in recent years!! They are rolling out machines which can leave everyone spellbound!! They have modified so much especially this concept A class whereby, engineers have worked out on it’s compact designs, ergonomics, & moreover they are embedding their cars with Navigational kits, Warning systems, sunroof, although not compromising on the quality of engine. Though it is 2-door, this can pretty accommodate 3 people with ease, but just lacks the boot space in sitting as well as hatchback capacity!! Kudos to Merc on working so hard..