Luxury Exotic Eco-Friendly Cars

Luxury Exotic Eco-Friendly Cars

With more and more people looking for ways to clean up the environment by reducing waste and pollution, the last several years have shown a marked growth in the market for eco-friendly vehicles.  From biodiesel to hybrids to fully electric automobiles, there are an astounding number of options these days for consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint (and their total at the gas pump).  Of course, most expect that the car they end up with is going to be bland and boring, with limited range and acceleration capabilities, but nothing could be further from the truth.  With new advances popping up at breakneck speeds (improved acceleration among them), consumers might be surprised at what they can get these days in the way of green transportation.  So if you’re looking into purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle, here are just a few that might get your heart racing.

1.  Aston Martin Cygnet.  Who would have thought that Double-oh-seven’s ultra-masculine chick-magnet of streamlined metal could become eco-friendly?  Considering the company’s dedication to building some of the most exclusive cars in the world (and the association with gadgetry), it really should come as no surprise that they would take it to the next level by creating an eco-friendly vehicle.  Although this one looks more like a Smart car than the sleek and sporty vehicle driven by the world’s best spy, it’s certainly not short on amenities.  And this tailor-made city car won’t break the bank, either.  With a starting price of just under $50,000 and an mpg of nearly 60, you can get all the luxury of an Aston Martin for less (while going green).

2.  Bentley Continental GT with flex-fuel capability.  It’s pretty hard to accept that any car with 12 cylinders under the hood could fall into the “green” category, but that’s just what Bentley would have you believe.  Of course, they’re not offering a hybrid here, but it will run on biodiesel (up to E85) with virtually the same performance as gasoline.  With a 0-60 of 4.4 seconds and a newly modeled exterior, this Bentley’s still got the speed and class you’re looking for, but now in a greener package (and with a price point of close to $200,000, it’s certainly not the priciest option out there).

3.  Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid.  It really doesn’t get much more exciting than a car that looks like pure, molten, metal zipping down the road, yet it still delivers 500 hp, nearly 80 mpg, and goes 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.  Of course, if you’re getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it, all you have to do is look at the price tag to cool down.  At $845,000, you’re likely to feel a little less amorous.

4.  Ferrari 599 HY-KERS.  If this car got any hotter, it might spontaneously combust.  The name is a little weird, but it refers to the Kinetic Energy Recovery System that Ferrari has been using in their Formula One race cars (for regenerative breaking), so at least it’s descriptive.  However, you’ll give little thought to the name once you see this breathtaking piece of automotive excellence…and learn that it emits 35% less hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.  Smart and sexy?  It’s a win-win.  And since the car won’t be available until 2015 (hence no pricing), you’ll have plenty of time to dream about it.

5.  Tesla Roadster.  Okay, okay, so it’s not exactly new.  But it’s undeniably exciting, and still the best electric car on the road.  With stats like 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds (oh, yeah) and 245 miles of travel per charge (still the highest available), not to mention zero emissions and a body that looks fast even at a standstill, you’d be crazy not to want this car.  Of course, there is the one small detraction: a price tag that comes in at just over $100,000.  But if you’ve got the dough and a hankering for green transportation, you really can’t do better.

Sarah Danielson writes for CT Limo where you can find the perfect vehicle for your travel needs.

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