Hyundai Blue2 Concept 2011

Hyundai Blue2 Concept 2011

Hyundai Blue2 concept is all about nature and escape of automotive world from the ugly world of fossil fuels. With Blue2 concept, Hyundai is showing that this company is mature and technologically advanced automotive giant who will take a serious place in the automotive industry today and in the future. Blue 2 concept is about Hyundai cars with hydrogen power cells. But the innovation do not stop under the hood. The interior of Blue 2 concept is full with a new gadgets and concepts. Anti bactericidal materials for the seats and interior we like the best and also a cameras instead of mirrors are great too. The new Hyundai Blue 2 will have a fuel cells with 120 hp peak power and economy is 82 miles per gallon of hydrogen.

Of course this is only a concept car and the serial production is not yet scheduled. So instead of writing about something which will have a zillion of changes before hit the road we would like to invite you to enjoy our carefully picked gallery of new Hyundai blue 2 concept for 2011.

Hyundai Blue2 Concept 2011 01

Hyundai Blue2 Concept 2011 02

Hyundai Blue2 Concept 2011 03

Hyundai Blue2 Concept 2011 04

Hyundai Blue2 Concept 2011 05

Hyundai Blue2 Concept 2011 06

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  1. I really like Hyundai’s concept. The design is excellent and the front side of the car looks awesome. I hope the Korean car company will keep this excellent design and the great technological features when the car will be mass produced.