How safe are your glasses?

How safe are your glasses?

It is a well known fact that glasses are very delicate objects. Weather they are rimless glasses, prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, verifocal glasses and etc. they are all an easy target of destruction. There is no need for you to hide them in trenches in order to avoid the battlefield; it’s a simple – take care of them and mind very carefully where you put them.

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It seems that the rimless glasses are the most fragile when it comes to danger. The Prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses or verifocal glasses which have a metal rim are a bit safer; but only a bit. When you accidentally forget that you left your glasses on the couch and not on the table, the danger of being sit on is the same. People often tend to read while lying on the couch and easily fall asleep with their glasses on. Subconsciously some turn sideways and if they wear rimless glasses they can easily break right in front of your eyes. The prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, verifocal glasses with rims are prone to bending. Now you don’t want your eyes to be an easy target to rimless glasses, or to pay extra money for bended prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, verifocal glasses every time you wake up, would you?

The solution to the safety of the glasses will always be simple – look after them. Small plastic boxes for keeping sunglasses are perfect to start the safety measures. Once you get the box around you often, you’ll start looking after your glasses more than before. For those that use reading rimless glasses, prescription glasses or varifocal glasses, you can use a small chain that is tied on both sides of the glasses and you can wear then on your neck like jewelry. This way you can be ready for reading all the time. There is no need to look after your reading glasses in the room whenever you find something interesting to read.

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