Glasses and Manners

Glasses and Manners

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Style and Glasses have an equation; Running and Glasses UK have an equation; Bicycle riding and Glasses have an equation and etc. But what people often fail to remember that manner and glasses have a common equation.

reading glasses:
reading glasses

When you go out in the afternoon to have coffee in a local café, to have a beer with your friends, you put on your sunglasses and wear them until you reach the location. On the way there is a possibility of meeting someone you know and have a small chit-chat on the side walk. This is when manners come in to play. People often forget to take their sunglasses off when stopping for a handshake and a small talk. It is not polite at all to talk to somebody in the eyes when all he sees is his reflection on the glasses. Every time you reach for a handshake, take off your prescription sunglasses online and great the person as a gentlemen or a lady.

Unfortunately, the manners are also in play when you get to the café or the pub. As of being cool with wearing prescription sunglasses online ,prescription glasses UK, reglazing glasses or glasses UK – some people don’t take off their glasses while sitting with few friends. It is not polite to talk for a few moments on the street with your sunglasses on, so don’t think that wearing sunglasses while drinking coffee with a friend is polite. I’m sure almost everybody has experienced the situation of “talking to himself” in the sunglasses reflection of the one opposite you. Instead of looking him directly in to the eyes, you see yourself. To make matters worse, probably the one wearing sunglasses is looking a side to a sexy girl passing by.

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