Car Insurance Fraud Tricks: Don’t Be a Victim

Car Insurance Fraud Tricks: Don’t Be a Victim

Protecting yourself on the road can often mean more than just driving safely. You might need to drive defensively. This means you are taking care and trying to predict what other drivers will do. You never can be too sure. There are some people out there on the road who are trying to get into a crash, to claim on your car insurance. Here is a look at these types of scams and fraud. Be wary of them, and don’t get taken for a ride.

  • The T-Bone. Car A waits at an intersection. Car B, stops at the stop sign, and then goes to cross the intersection. Car A then speed across the intersection into Car B. There will be witnesses waiting at the junction (who are actually friends of Car A). They will say that Car B did not stop at the stop sign, and put the blame on Car B.
  • Blind Spot Wave. Similar to the T-Bone, where two roads converge. We know that one car is to give way. Let’s say Car B was to give way, so Car A speeds into Car B. Again witnesses are actually friends of Car A. The situation will look like Car B did not give way, and therefore, at fault.
  • Round-a-bout Side Swipe. In this case, one car will side swipe another car as they go around a round-a-bout. They will prey on a car that is close to the painted lines and then quickly pull their car back into their lane. They will then state the other car came into their lane and crashed into them.
  • Swoop and Crash. This is very easy for scammers to perpetrate. They will be driving along behind you, overtake, and then slow down suddenly once they are in front of you. This will make the situation look like you have crashed into their rear. We all know that if you crash into someone’s rear, you will most definitely be to blame. It will be hard to show what they did. Again, they can have their own witnesses in another car driving along with them to say you are the one at fault.
  • Car Park Ding. We will often cross over the middle line of any lane in an underground car park, because those lanes are made so thin because the owners want to get as many cars as possible to fit in a car park. You happen to be slightly over the center line, and someone takes advantage of that. They purposely crash into you, and because you are over the center line, you are at fault.

Believe it or not, some people will prepare and execute these scams. They can then go after you and your insurance for damage to their car, and some will even claim other injuries. This can result in lengthy legal cases, and huge amounts of payout. You end up with a tarnished record, increased premiums, and maybe you get injured. The best way to protect yourself, is to be informed, always have your smartphone camera on the ready, and call the police and your car insurer as soon as possible. When getting car insurance quotes, talk to your insurer about these types of cases, and what they will do to help you. They may have more experience than you think.

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