<title> Should you wear glasses while playing basketball?</title>

Should you wear glasses while playing basketball?

This is quite an interesting question because there are many people that are lynched from playing basketball just because wearing glasses is bit dangerous, especially rimless glasses.

On a sunny day, wearing sunglasses while playing basketball, whether they are cheap glasses or designer glasses, is not recommendable. It is logical that you wear some sort of sunglasses because the sun my get in your way. It is also logical you don’t wear them because there is a big chance the will be broken if the ball hits you in the face or if someone accidentally hits you with an elbow. The outcome of glasses breaking in front of you eyes can be devastating.

trendy glasses
trendy glasses

Some people are able to play basketball without rimless glasses on, or designer glasses for that matter. So what they do on court, they leave them on the floor with their mobile phone and keys few centimeters away. In no way they are safe. Not only are they in danger of the ball, but from running out of bounds also.

Although negativity comes from broken glasses from an elbow hit, some glasses (rimless glasses for instance) have a negative effect on the eyes even if they are not broken. The combination of sun and glasses can be dangerous for the sight. Since basketball involves numerous times looking in the sky, this type of dangerous situation tends to happen quite often.

If you happen to have broken Rimless glasses, cheap glasses or Designer glasses while shooting hoops, you can get cheap glasses on line for a reasonable price. So preserve your sight as save as possible. If the sun is too much for you, than visit an indoor court with fewer lights coming from above.

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