<title> Keeping Glasses out of harm’s way</title>

Keeping Glasses out of harm’s way

Glasses are very delicate items. It doesn’t matter whether you have Prescription Glasses, Designer Glasses, Cheap Glasses, Glasses Reglaze and etc. they need to be protected the right way.

Many times people by designer glasses of stylish reasons, or they buy cheap glasses because they can’t afford other types. What they fail most of the time is taking care of them, which means they don’t have a special glassless box or a small glasses chain for around the neck.

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Here is a situation; let’s say you are on a hiking trip in the mountains. Now, the weather there switches from shiny to cloudy. Wearing sunglasses in the shadow can be tricky and therefore you are ought to remove them occasionally. It is quite obvious that you’ll carry them in your palm until the sun comes back again. But when you want to reach for something else you store the glasses in your pocket and forget they are even there. On simple bend down will result in their breaking. So I’m asking you – What will the situation be if you had the sunglasses on a special glasses chain around your neck the whole time?

This is just a simple example of many. On one thought, cheap glasses are not expensive to repurchase them; prescription glasses can be prescribed again, but the price varies; and if you love your designer glasses so much than you should get them a special chain for around the neck.

Another solution is a box for storage. These boxes are tough so that glasses reglaze, cheap glasses, designer glasses, prescription glasses and etc are well protected if happen to fall hard on the floor.

It isn’t written on the box like on a matchbox “keep away from children”, but you already know that children should be kept away from glasses.

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