How the Pros Prepare for Car Shows

How the Pros Prepare for Car Shows

If you have ever been to a car show. then you know just how amazing all of the cars look like. These cars sparkle and shine like little colored gems. While it might appear to an amateur that the cars just had a good clean and were put on display, there’s a lot more that goes into getting cars ready for a car show.

Car prepared for a car show
car prepared for a car show

In fact, the preparation involved includes a detailed cleaning process from the tires all the way to under the hood. So how do the pros prepare their car for car shows?

  • Start With the Wheels

The pros always start with the wheels. This prevents any cross contamination of dirt from one area making its way to another. The tires must be cleaned, waxed and detailed with degreaser to get those rims shiny.

  • Body Detailing

Body detailing might be the next step of the cleaning process but it’s the most important one. If the body isn’t clean and shiny then no one will stop and look at the car. Pros start the body detailing with a good car wash. After a good car wash a cleaning supply known as a clay bar is used to lift any leftover from the initial car wash. To achieve the shiny appearance that the cars have at the show, the Pros will wax and seal the car.

This allows it to get that crisp, clean appearance. A small detailing kit is used to keep the shiny appearance in between waxings and the show.

  • Under the Hood

It gets really dirty under the hood and this is where a large amount of the pros’ time is spent. The engine at car shows needs to appear as if it rolled off the factory assembly line. To achieve this look, pros use degreasing elements that lift off every little piece of grease that appears on the engine. After the engine has been degreased an engine detailing kit is used to clean up the plastic and metals and make them shine. It’s dirty work but someone has to do it!

  • Interior

Even though everyone sees the outside first, the inside is just as important and requires special cleaning. An interior clean will require the windows to be washed using an automotive cleaner, carpets to be cleaned using a vacuum and the seats to be waxed and washed.

  • Inside Audio

So, this isn’t absolutely necessary, but having a really nice audio system often gives allure and some extra class (depending on the car). If you’re looking to find the an audio system for your car make sure that you’re not going over budget, and checking out install shops nearby that can take care of the wiring. The last thing you want to do is try to install it yourself (unless you’re absolutely positive that you can).

  • No Car Part is Left Untouched

The difference between a pro’s detailing job for a car show and an amateur’s is that the pro cleans every little detail. No door hinge, door jam, tire rim, screw or piece of metal is left untouched. This little detail is what sets the pros apart from the amateurs as every little piece of the car is shining.

While it might seem as if preparing a car for a car show is all about just giving a quick vacuum clean and placing it before judges it is more than that. Car show pros spend days cleaning and detailing their car from hood to tire in an effort to make it sparkle and shine so that it can catch the public’s attention and draw the judge’s eyes to their car.

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