6 Tips for Handling an Accident

6 Tips for Handling an Accident

Have you ever just been driving around, minding your own business, when you suddenly feel your car jerk to one side, and then notice that it no longer drives the way it’s supposed to? If this has ever happened to you, you know the usual steps.

First, you get enraged.

Then you have to deal with the fact that a portion of your life which is usually under your control (possibly several, considering how many places your car normally takes you) is not going to be for awhile. Then you have to reconcile yourself to the fact that getting out of this with just a damaged car might be the best you can do. Here are some ways to mend up the damage, at least as it involves your own psyche.

Car accident
car accident

6. Know what is going on, and work with it.

Sometimes your car isn’t mauled enough to be nonfunctional in the wake of an accident. No matter what else you do, getting off to the side of the road is a critical early step. In a lot of cases, a driver who has just gone through an accident is going to be in shock; you might not even notice it, but it’s more common than you would think. Once the car is safely off the road with the flashers on, make sure everybody is all right. Since this will likely go to an insurance claim, take stock of everything that’s going on.

5. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized.

Get the other driver’s information, and supply your own readily. Do not admit to any sort of fault, as that sort of talk is extremely expensive in court.

4. Get your car fixed.

Once your or the other driver’s insurance clears doing so, get your car fixed. This is both a safer option (as a damaged car is less protective, in case you get into other accidents), and is also good for your own peace of mind. If you live in a state where collision insurance isn’t necessary, you may want to consider getting some.

Bad Auto accident
bad car accident

3. Expose yourself to similar situations again.

Often, when a person gets into an accident they want to avoid similar circumstances if they possibly can. But in order to get over the past and not be paranoid about it for life, you have got to face what is inevitably going to be a little jarring for awhile.

2. Learn what you can from it.

Legally, you should never admit fault in an accident. But personally, with hindsight being 20/20, is there anything you could have done to lessen or avoid this accident in the first place? Once the initial excitement and fear have waned, but while the event is still fresh in your mind, think about it.

1. Consider upgrading your insurance.

If you had your (or another person’s) car repaired through insurance, your rate is likely going to go up. However, if you paid cash for the repairs, you have the option to upgrade your coverage and take the incident as a warning for the future.

When you have an accident, it is normal to be a little shaken. Stay cool, be sure to process your claim appropriately, and follow the steps above to make the situation as painless as possible.

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