The Coolest Water Based Vehicles

The Coolest Water Based Vehicles

If you’re anything like me (and the Top Gear team), you probably get reasonably excited by the notion of new and innovative water based vehicles; particularly those that are either accessible to us normal people or feature speed … and big engines.

2010 saw a whole host of brand new water based vehicles, some of which are substantially quicker than others. To help you seperate the wheat from the chaff, here are some of my personal favourites from the last year or so:

1. The Seabreacher

My personal favourite, this dolphin shaped craft can carry two people and is capable of reaching 40mph on the water. Not only that, the Seabreacher can do 20mph underwater (around 5 feet deep) and can even jump around 12ft out of the water (even letting you perform barrel rolls):

I really want one of these, although considering they cost $48,000 for just the standard model, they might be a little out of my price range! Check out Jason from the Gadget Show testing one early on in their development here.

2. Quadski

This concept first appeared a couple of years ago, but the new versions of the Quadski look fantastic and appear to work extremely well. Produced by Gibbs Technologies, the Quadski is the first high-speed amphibian ATV and can reach 50mph on both land and see. As well as being extremely cool, the Quadski has a genuine commercial use, allowing emergency services, lifeguards and aid workers to reach any area much more quickly.

3. Pumpabike

Perhaps not as immediately impressive as the previous two, but still just as cool, the Pumpabike is a human powered hydrofoil that looks like a huge amount of fun:

Capable of reaching speeds of up to 18mph, the Pumpabike isn’t apparantly as difficult to use as it initially looks, as it’s buoyant whilst stationary, meaning even beginners can pick it up extremely quickly.

Guest post by Philip, who works for a company offering water features and stone benches.

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