<title> How to Get a New Car and a Bargain</title>

How to Get a New Car and a Bargain

If you are in the market for a new car and you want to take advantage of all the bargains that are out there, you are going to have to be willing to do a little research. This will allow you to go into the dealership armed with as much knowledge and information as you can possibly have.

This allows you to have the upper hand when bargaining for your new car. This way, you will have an idea of the price range that the car you are interested in and similar models occupy, as well as the features, accessories, and other information.

BMW Concept 6 Series Coupe
BMW Concept 6 Series Coupe

When you start your research, look for this information:

  • Price range. For right now, you are interested in the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and the invoice price. Both of these will give you an idea of the figures you will be making negotiations from. Again, research not only the model you want but similar models by other manufacturers. This way, the dealership you’re doing business with will be aware that you have looked into other model options.
  • Rebates and other discounts. Look into all the rebates that are available. You may not be able to combine them with other offers; however, you can decide if manufacturer rebates are better than dealership rebates.

Discounts can be found in other areas besides rebates – even if you’re looking at cars like the 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe 2d.
For example, if you are in the military you may qualify for military discounts, which can be combined with rebate offers. Or, if you use an on-site financing or a dealership’s preferred financing provider, you may qualify for a discount here, also.

Speaking of financing, if you are a member of a credit union (which typically offers better interest rates on car loans), ask them to tell you exactly how much you should be paying for the car (called the “black book” or “blue book” rate).

2012 Volkwagen Tiguan facelift
2012 Volkwagen Tiguan facelift

Then take that figure with you, but don’t tell the dealer that’s how much you can get financed. Tell them that it’s for certain that that’s how much the car will cost you, and that isn’t a bargain.

  • Prices at other dealerships, particularly those that are “out of town” from your location. You may be surprised at the difference between the price range in your city or region and that of another city or region within 25 to 100 miles of your home. If your local dealer realizes you’re willing to drive to get a better price, he or she may be more willing to work with you.

Once you’ve done all this research, start looking at trade-in values on your old vehicle. Look into whether or not you can get a better deal by trading it in to the dealership or by selling it yourself and using the money for the down payment.

If you use these tips, as well as any others available to you, you should be assured of getting a new car and a bargain, too. You can then truthfully say you have the best of both worlds.

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