Cars Your Mom Won’t Be Driving

Cars Your Mom Won’t Be Driving

A car can truly be a reflection of your personality and inner sense of style if you choose carefully. Now, there’s no doubt your mom can find some bad-ass coupes to rock from this coupe buying guide. But to make sure no one takes a look at your vehicle and automatically assumes you’re an old fogie, slip behind the wheel of one of these youthful rides:

1. A Lamborghini Gallardo

When you arrive at your destination in a luxurious Lamborghini Gallardo, no one would ever imagine that your mom was driving this Italian sports car! In fact, they’ll be looking around for the red carpet.

2. The Aston Martin D9

Did James Bond just pull up to the curb? No, it was you in your new Aston Martin D9! Not only will no one suspect your mother of driving around in this British classic, they’ll be amazed that anyone they know has one.

3. The Range Rover

This luxurious SUV is at the top of the list for any upscale shopper looking for the very best in a 4WD vehicle. No one is ever going to expect your mom to take this monster on a grocery run!

4. A Maserati Gran Turismo

Not only would your mom not drive this curvy sports car, she might not even know how to pronounce the name! When you drive down the street in the Gran Turismo, all heads will definitely turn your way.

5. The Jaguar XKR

If you’re looking for a ride that roars, this is it! As another testimony to British styling, the Jaguar has been a favorite for more than 90 years. Based on the number of aging Jags on the road today, you can expect your new purchase to last you into your old age! Maybe your mom does drive one of the older models?

6. The Bentley Continental

While you mom might have driven a Lincoln Continental in her day, you can bet she never had the chance to take one of these beauties to the mall! A favorite of music celebrities, everyone will wonder who you are when you pull up to the club in your new Bentley.

7. The Cadillac Escalade

If your mom didn’t drive a Lincoln, maybe she drove a Cadillac. However, we’re pretty sure she didn’t cruise around town in an Escalade! This high-end SUV combines functionality and elegance in one serious package. If you can afford it, you can go off road in comfort in this popular vehicle.

8. The Porsche 918 Racer

Even if your mom drove a sexy little Porsche when she was a sexy little number herself, we’re betting it wasn’t the Porsche 918 Racer. This cool hybrid has a V-8 engine supplemented by two more electric motors located at each front wheel for a combined horsepower rating of 767.

9. A Rolls-Royce Phantom

If your mom does drive a Rolls, no one would dare make fun of you! The Rolls-Royce brand has been the gold standard for luxury and a sure sign of true wealth since the first one was put together by hand in England. Maybe we should change the Phantom to be the car we all wished our mom could drive!
What’s your dream car?

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