7 Tips On Driving Your Car And Use Less Fuel

7 Tips On Driving Your Car And Use Less Fuel

There are many reasons why you would choose a smaller car outside of saving fuel (especially when it comes to getting car insurance quotes), but there is more about just buying a car to and saving fuel. The way that you treat your car and the way you drive can have a huge impact on your fuel consumption. Just because you have a small car does not mean it will be using a lot of gas fast. Here are some tips on how to drive and care for your car so that it uses less petrol.

Stop flooring the accelerator. The single most way that you and your car will use fuel in great quantities. Even cars with large engines can use much less petrol if you accelerate slowly. Cars don’t use fuel by speed and they don’t just fuel by the amount of rpm. They use it on the amount that you put down the accelerator. Let your engine gather speed by itself, minimising the amount of gas you inject to your engine.

Stop speeding. Obviously you are going to be using more fuel if you are always speeding. Do you really get there any faster. Are all those speeding fines and other issues related to speeding such as your car insurance premium really worth a few minutes?

Correct pressure in your tyres. Having good tires kept at the right pressure will not only save your life in an emergency situation, it will also save you a packet in your fuel costs. Tyres are designed for specific uses and specific pressures. Understand what yours are and keep them that way.

Service your engine. An engine that is running properly is one that will use less fuel. The longer that you leave your car without a service, naturally it is going to use more fuel. For those of you with older cars, regularly making sure you air filter is in good condition can have a radical effect.

Stop over filling. Gas, petrol, call it what you will, needs room to expand, and that is why it is even better to only ever fill your car up to just over 3 quarters. You should try filling your car to just over 3 quarters, and compare that to a full tank. You will find, kilometre for kilometre, that you get much more out of a car that has not been filled till full. A slightly empty tank allows the fuel to become more aerated and therefore allows it to perform much better.

Better fuel. Better quality fuel might cost you more at the pump, but it will give you much better mileage on your car. Not only will you save on the total cost of your fuel bill, you will also save on maintenance costs of your engine. Better fuel is more economical and just much smarter for your car. Think of premium fuel as normal fuel and normal as poor quality.

Why the extra luggage. The amount of weight that you are carrying in your car will have drastic impact on the amount of fuel that you are using. Are you carrying around a lot of stuff in the boot of your car that you only use on the weekends? Realise that you are paying to carry it around everywhere you go for no reason.

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