5 Advantages of Buying Second Hand Cars Privately

5 Advantages of Buying Second Hand Cars Privately

There are reasons why second hand car dealers have a bad reputation – because too many people have been burnt in the past. With all of the modern day facilities available to us, from being able to uncover truths in car history and car service, we can ensure a good purchase when we are buying privately. Here are some of the advantages of buying a second hand car privately.

second hand cars
second hand cars

  • Price. This must be the single most reason why anyone would want to buy a second hand car privately. You will always find the price of privately sold cars considerably cheaper than that of a dealer. The reasons are very simple. The private seller is not running a business out to make profits. The private seller does not have all the other expenses such as staff, workshop, warranties and utilities. These are considerable costs to any professional car sales company. Are those extra costs costing you way too much when you purchase your vehicle.
  • Variety. The fact is that most used car sales companies only have certain types of cars. Most of them will have cars for the larger market. If you are looking for particular car types and if you are interested in buying modified cars, you will find much more variety and range available in the private market.
  • Market size. Because of the amount of ways that a private seller can sell their car today, such as a variety of specialist newspapers and websites, including auction sites, the private car sales market has become much larger than that of used car yards. If you wanted to sell your car fast, you had to take it to a car yard and get what you could. Nowadays, anyone can reach a huge number of potential customers in an instant. This has meant a radical shift in the market, and the growth of the privately sold car market has been radical and now is dominant.
  • Reliability. With modern day car research techniques and mobile service and car repair companies, it does not matter where your proposed purchase car is, you can get a detailed car history and get it reliably checked on the spot. You don’t even have to take the car to a local mechanics. This increases your chance of getting a reliable and un-biased report on the condition of the car for sale. The cost of these are low and can be implemented at short notice.
  • Honesty. Most people selling their cars are not professionals at convincing you to buy. Sure they want to sell you their car at the highest price, but at least you are not dealing with someone who knows all of the tricks of the trade, whether they are good or bad, to convince you to buy the vehicle. As I said earlier, used car dealers have a reputation for a reason. If someone is lying to you, you can always find out with detailed car histories and other research and buyer protection tools.

second hand Jeep
second hand jeep

Go private, get a better car, at a better price.

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