Weird cars and vehicles

Weird cars and vehicles

Some people (and companies) really do not know what to do with their time and here are the results…

Weird Honda car… Or space ship? Or casket…
weird honda car

Weird banana vehicle design
weird car design

With a lot of fantasy, this Weird elephant techno monster can be a car too.
Weird Cars

Weird cars: Roding Roadster wallpaper
weird cars roding roadster wallpaper

Weird SUV with wooden sides
weird car SUV wood

Do you remember Flash Gordon movie? This truck is coming from the same design school.
weird truck

Weird Ford Airstream. But lot’s of people love it…
weird ford airstream

Again… Weird Honda concept car…
weird honda concept car

Weird Nissan car
weird nissan car

Weird tango electric car. This is not a photo-shop play. This is the real size.
weird tango electric car

Weird Volkswagen Beetle car
weird volkswagen beetle car

6 wheeler is not only for the heavy or military applications.
This is weird Covini c6w concept sports car with 6 wheels. And the double wheels are not at the back of the car…
weird covini c6w concept car

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