Top Winter Driving Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Top Winter Driving Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Would you know what to do? Your car has just hit a patch of black ice on the highway and you go into a skid. Or, you are stranded because your car is stuck in the snow. These are hazards that we all could potentially face when the weather turns cold and we must be prepared.

Pack More Than Just the Luggage

If you are going to be travelling over the winter months, it is essential to keep a winter survival kit in the car. This can easily be prepared and could be a true life saver. Think of it as just packing one more piece of luggage. In your extra suitcase, place a blanket, hat, gloves and a battery powered flashlight. You want to have things with you that will keep you warm if you breakdown. If you will be traveling through remote areas where there is little traffic you also might want to include flares in your emergency bag and a first aid kit.

Driving in winter:
driving in winter

Dig Yourself Out

If your car becomes stuck in the snow but is still operable, then it may be possible to dig yourself out. Keeping a shovel in the car and a bag of ice melting salt are great ways to stay prepared for winter hazards. Use the shovel to dig the snow out from around your tires and then scatter the salt on the pavement that you have just cleared to provide extra traction. Press the gas down gently as you attempt to get unstuck, spinning the tires is not going to help. If you slowly rock the car, forward and back by alternating between drive and reverse, you can often break free.

Winter driving hazards:
Winter driving hazards

Black Ice

One of the most dangerous of all winter hazards is black ice. It earned the nickname because it is impossible to see it on the road. You will not be aware of the hazard until you hit it or see the car in front of you go into a spin. If you hit a patch of black ice, try not to panic. Do not slam on the brakes. While the natural reaction may be to try and stop, hitting the brakes too hard will just make you spin out worse. Tap the brakes and turn the wheel into the direction of your skid. If you have anti-lock brakes, just hold the pedal down and rely on them to slowly bring you to a stop.

Toyota Prius on snow:
toyota prius on snow

What if you Have a Wreck

Statistics show that a quarter of all accidents occur in bad weather so being involved in a crash in the snow is a real possibility. You can improve your chances of avoiding a wreck by making sure your tires are in excellent condition and you keep your windshield clear during a storm. If you do have a wreck, call your auto insurance company right away and inform them. Check your policy to see if it includes roadside assistance and have them send a tow truck if necessary.

Driving in the snow and ice does not have to be intimidating if you are properly prepared for all the winter weather hazards. Do not let a little snow or ice spoil your trip.

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